Brace yourself – the altcoins are coming!!!

Learn everything you never wanted to know about the best alternatives to Bitcoin in the digital currency world.

Altcoins have loads of interesting new technologies and features which let you do things you never even knew were possible. We will scour the altcoin world to keep up to date with all of the coolest and most useful things that you can do with them, and then write simple and easy to follow guides so that anybody can use them – even the least geeky and tech-savvy among you.

Please Note: The name of this category has recently been updated from ‘altcoins’ to ‘alternative blockchains’ to reflect the fact that some users do not consider the value tokens of blockchains which have a purpose other than general purpose currency to be ‘altcoins’, and the fact that these tokens of value may be a secondary rather than primary characteristic of the technology.