✅Why SafeHamsters and why now !?
 The market opens up new development paths and blockchain opportunities.  Unfortunately, many projects turn out to be scams where good ideas and technologies are buried.  Many people like the tokenomics of these projects, but they lose money in them.  Such people began to be called “hamsters”.  We decided to take their side and create the SafeHamsters project, which will give an opportunity to absolutely every person who wants to make money in the digital world.  Therefore, we came right now, at this time, to save the hamsters.  And to restore faith in the development of technology.  To do this, we have collected the best of the worst projects and did nothing surprising.
 ✅Ideology and future infrastructure !?
 The very turning point from which calling oneself “I am a Hamster” becomes honorable, not offensive.  Our team of analysts and crypto enthusiasts has been in this wild cryptocurrency market for a long time, and each of us has gone the path of the very hamster who was shaved. ”  But it was always painful for us to see how ordinary people lost their money by flying into all sorts of useless coins and just scam projects succumbing to the wave of hype without understanding.  Our time has come.  And no matter how pretentious it may sound, but by combining all our experience, knowledge, contacts in the international community and resources, we came with the mission “to save hamsters”. They came to show their teeth and gnaw off 1% of the capitalization of the entire crypto market.  They came to give battle to the entire family of Dogs and send Musk’s manipulator to Mars with a one-way ticket and no Internet. Who are we?  We are “SAFEHAMSTERS”.  What awaits our holders. – Staking – Farming – Gaming – NFT tokens and marketplace – content creator awards  and there are many more that we cannot voice now, but you will be the first to know when the time comes.
 ✅What will be the uniqueness !?  What will the token become !?  Another dummy or something breakthrough among all the shields !?
 Soon we will announce the launch of a platform with staking and farming algorithms, and of course they will be juicy at the start.  But that’s not the task) we came up with a story for a long time, so …. In the first version of the site there will be farming and staking, classic … boredom?) Go ahead, the second will be followed by the addition of NFT tokens, with three functionalities. 1. The ability to brand (freeze) your token, which have levels in order to get an additional% to farming or staking 2. The ability to burn the token “release the hamster free” to get a buff (temporary boost) for Pharma and staking. 3. The opportunity to participate in battles 3on3 and 5on5, and the strength of your hamster will depend on its uniqueness and basic indicators, as well as on the number of your tokens in the holding (pending)
 And that is not all…….
 Therefore, we will have a game model with an evolving story, creating circulation and burning of tokens during character development.  And for battles bonuses will fall.  There will also be a rating of the strongest fighters who will receive awards from the platform.  Well, the rest remains in “Soon” mode for now, as the platform will have audits and a list of sponsors.