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This site is dedicated to bringing your the best tutorials, ‘how to’ guides and informative articles about Bitcoin, Crypto in general, and other decentralized technologies.

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Our aim is to make these subjects as accessible as possible to the average reader, introducing people to new technologies and techniques in a way which is easy for anybody to understand. The subjects we write about are often quite technical and complicated, but our goal is to remove all of those complications and provide you with a simple to follow guide on the path to greater decentralization.

Our general articles come into three categories – Bitcoin, Alt Coins (other cryptocurrencies) and The Internet. We may add a fourth category for communications in the future but for now you can find that kind of thing in The Internet category.

In addition to our blog posts which are structured as step by step guides with a specific end goal in mind, we are also building a glossary of bitcoin & cryptocurrency terms, which aims to be a kind of mini, niche encyclopedia to help you understand the different technologies, projects and concepts which you will commonly come across in relation to any of the topics covered by this blog. If you see a word with a dotted line underneath it on any of our pages you can hover over it to get a shorteneasynopsis of its definition, or click it to visit the glossary page which features a full encyclopedia style entry for each term. You can also click the link at the start of this paragraph to browse through all of the terms which have been added so far.

If you have a specific problem which you would like addressed, a very specialist area of interest, or an unaswered question that you have been wondering about then please also take a look at the Cryptorials Q&A section. This is a question and answer forum where you can post any question you like, have it answered by the crowd (and by us if we can!) and then vote on the best answers. This is a great place to go if you are having technical problems with anything to do with bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general and need some help troubleshooting, or if there is something you have never really been able to get your head around and would like to hear it explained from different perspectives.

We also like to share the love and to help people get started in crypto without risking their hard earned ealth until they are confident they understand what it is all about, so we have set up some faucets to give you your first coins for free! See the navigation bar at the top of the page for a list of our current faucets – and check back often as we have more planned for the future!

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