Swiss game developers Everdreamsoft, creators of the original blockchain collectibles game ‘Spells of Genesis’, are creating a new game with unique Ethereum based collectible characters. They recently announced that interested gamers and collectors can get their hands on the first ‘Yummy’s’ to be released in a pre-sale starting on December 5th 2018.

Delicious blockchain collectibles

A Table! (which means ‘come and eat’ in French) will be a food themed game in which you bake / breed your own unique characters to explore the game world and embark on adventures. The game’s use of the Ethereum’s ERC-721 token protocol for its Yummy characters means that each token is unique and is able to capture the individal characteristics of the Yummy character it represents as you play the game. So you can create surprising, powerful and cute new Yummies and then keep them safe in your own wallet with true blockchain ownership or trade them with other players using cryptocurrency.

Set in a game world composed of different islands, à table! features a range of different basic ‘races’ of character, which can also be bred together with each other. The initial races will be Bunny, Salamander and Unicorn. Each of the game’s islands will be a procedurally generated world with a different set of food-based themes, treasures and inhabitants. The game will be managed by BitCrystals, the blockchain publishing arm of Everdreamsof and it is scheduled for release in late 2019.

The Bitcrystals blockchain collectibles and gaming ecosystem

Everdreamsoft’s previous game release Spells of Genesis, a collectible card game you can play on your phone, was the first to introduce blockchain ownership of in-game assets. Although it hasn’t generated quite as much hype as some more recent Ethereum based games (like crypto-kitties) it has a loyal following of thousands of players and collectors and as the original blockchain game based on the original blockchain (Bitcoin blockchain, using Counterparty) it carries some kudos. I play it regularly myself and have collected a few cards. It’s a good game, which reflects well on the potential for à table!, their first Ethereum game, to be both fun to play and successful in engaging gamers and collectors.

In addition to continuous improvement and additions to the Spells of Genesis (SoG) game and its card collection, Everdreamsoft have been busy building out the components of an interlocking ecosystem of different products.

The first of these was the ‘Book of Orbs’ app, which enables trading of game assets and other blockchain collectibles from a wide range of projects beyond just SoG on the Counterparty decentralized exchange, as well as a place to view images of your assets, compare collections on the leaderboard and get an estimated value for your complete collection in each project.

More recently, they released ‘Casa Tookan’, an app which combines wallet functionality and built-in browser to become a complete ‘home app’ for blockchain gamers to access a wide range of games and features. Players can create ‘Casas’ which include both Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses for storing their blockchain game assets. The in-built browser will allow players to fire up their favourite games from within the app, and to easily connect their crypto wallet to the game. There will also be integration between Casa Tookan, Book of Orbs, and of course all of Everdreamsoft’s games as well as a wide range of other games. Casa Tookan is still not quite the finished product by the look of it, but it’s already useful and promises to be very cool in the future.

Everdreamsoft also pioneered cross-game assets, and this will continue with, for example, Spells of Genesis cards and other game assets being usable within à table! This breadth of infrastructure will surely contribute to improving the user-experience for players of the new game.

Give a Yummy a home and get it dished up on ‘Serving Day’

The pre-sale for ‘Yummy mix’, used to create unique Yummy creatures for the game, is being launched on December 5th with the rallying call to ‘give a Yummy a home this holiday season’ featuring in the press release. The way the whole thing is presented is kind of fun and obviously designed to appeal to gamers and collectors and not just the usual speculators as is often the case, which is nice.

When you buy Yummy mix get to choose the race of creature you want and this, along with your wallet address, redeemable date and number of ordered Yummy are recorded in your mix. At the end of the pre-sale your Yummies will be baked up and sent out on ‘Serving Day’. In addition to being able to get hold of tradeable blockchan Yummies for a reduced price, pre-sale buyers will get an increased chance of receiving creatures with rare ‘Gourmet’ body parts.

The way the sale itself is structured is also interesting. The price starts off very low and the throughout the 3 month sale it increases slightly with every mix which is sold. This gives early backers a reward and goes some way to ensuring that the eventual price reflects demand. It may also appeal to those speculators looking for a chance to pick up a bargain on a rare creature to sell on once the game is launched.

You can buy Yummy mix using Ethereum. Although you shouldn’t send your Ether directly from an exchange, any Ethereum wallet can be used. Using the Casa Tookan wallet might be a nice idea in terms of user experience once the game is launched, but it’s not necessary.

The pre-sale will take place on the ‘Yummy market’ at and will run from December 5th 2018 at 10am CET until March 4th 2019 at 12pm (midnight) CET.