decentIts about time that the world had a decent media platform, which treats its users and their personal information with respect, is free from political or commercial censorship, and which allows for a direct relationship between media producers and consumers with no middleman in between to control the narrative while creaming off excessive profits.

That is the idea behind both the name and the technology of the DECENT network, a new content distribution system that is holding a crowdsale on September 10th 2016 to fund the final stage of its initial development.

The technology behind this new platform combines a modified version of Bittorrent with a custom blockchain implementation to offer a wide range of advantages for both consumers and publishers which both traditional media and current social media platforms cannot or will not offer.

What you can do with DECENT decentralized media

DECENT can be used to permanently publish and distribute a wide range of different types of media. Creators can share their work for free to reach a wide audience, or charge fees for premium content. Meanwhile consumers can choose to view content online, including streaming of music and video, or to download it to their own device.

This flexibility allows for various different uses including (but not limited to):

  • Publishing articles or creating a blog
  • Sharing or selling of music directly from artist to fan
  • Launching a podcast
  • Sharing amateur video clips
  • Distributing professional movies, using a similar model to services like Netflix
  • File sharing
  • Publishing an electronic magazine or newspaper
  • Publishing academic papers

Ultimately, because this is a decentralized network, the future direction of will be controlled by its users.

How it works

When a content producer uploads a new piece of media to the network they have full control over how it is to be published. They can set their own price and receive payment directly to their own blockchain address.

The content is then shared across the network where ‘publishers’ ensure that it is always available. These publishers are like the ‘seeders’ of a conventional torrent network who each keep a copy of the file and make it available on request. They are also the equivalent of bitcoin’s miners, who secure the network and receive a financial reward in return. Because of these rewards, the network will be able to offer much better performance than regular torrents, with a wide range of files guaranteed to always be available.

Consumers will be able to access this content directly from an app.

The Key Advantages of DECENT

A direct relationship between producer and consumer means that we can expect DECENT to be able to offer premium content at a better price than the likes of iTunes, Netflix or Amazon Prime, while at the same time paying the creator more for their work.

Censorship, whether perpetrating by governments seeking to control the political narrative or suppress information under the guise of ‘national security’, advertisers seeking to protect their brand by suppressing controversial information, corporations seeking to use their sway to promote their own interests, or well meaning middlemen pushing their own world view onto everyone else, will become a thing of the past.

All content published to DECENT is permanently recorded and cannot be removed. Because it will be hosted on a decentralized network, it will also be much harder for hackers to suppress opinions they don’t like by using DDoS to attack the computer hosting it and make it unavailable.

But perhaps most important is the fact that DECENT will protect the privacy of its users and allows for anonymous publishing and content sharing. This not only protects ordinary users from intrusive spying by governments, publishers or advertisers, it also creates a free space where independent journalists and whistle-blowers can speak truth to power without fearing for their life or freedom.

The Software Sale

DECENT will hold a crowdsale, starting on September 10th 2016, during which anybody will be able to purchase the tokens which power the network’s economy.

Supporters who get in early and invest in the future of media will be rewarded with extra tokens, as you can see from this price schedule which shows the cost per token gradually increasing through the sale period:

decent software sale

Funds raised during this sale will be used for continued development, operational costs, marketing a community outreach, and for a legal contingency fund.

In addition to the coins created to fill purchases made during the sale, an additional 39,000,000 will be generated. One million of these are to be used for promotional bounties, 3 million for pre-sale marketing, and the rest to finance the creation of a foundation to ensure continuous development and marketing of the network.

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