As an introduction to this article I want to share a link to a (heavily censored) news story. I am not going to comment on it because I live in the United Kingdom, and if I were to share any facts with you pertaining to this story I would be at risk of being arrested. Here is the link:

The United Kingdom is not a free country. The police can arrest you for journalism (or comedy or many other forms of speech), then have you tried and jailed within a few hours with little of the proper due process that most of us falsely believe is our guaranteed right. And if they chose, they can also prevent anybody from even knowing where you have gone and why you have disappeared.

This may shock many of you, and rightly so. Is this a common occurrence in the UK? Well obviously nobody knows, because we are not allowed to know. For those of you outside the UK, I ask you not to be complacent because I suspect your own governments are probably not as far away from this horrific level of oppression as you may think.

There is only one way that we can be free, that we can live in functioning democracies, and that we can oppose tyranny: If we can speak freely and share the truth. We can no longer trust the media in any way to do this. Even if they wanted to report honestly and openly they cannot do so, and many of us already doubted how much they wanted to in the first place.

There is therefore only one way that we can be free: If the legacy media is replaced by alternatives which allow for the possibility of anonymous publishing, as well as anonymous or pseudonymous compensation for reporting, and which cannot be censored or forced offline by governments. Only then can we be confident that the truth can set us free, as that old saying goes.

Only decentralisation and cryptocurrency can give us these things. For all the talk of how revolutionary cryptocurrency would be, and indeed the huge potential for which is has to change the world, it has so far mostly failed to instigate any widespread revolutionary forces and is largely the plaything of wall street traders and wannabe crypto-millionaires.

If there was ever a time for that to change, for this amazing technology to really make an impact on the world beyond finance, it is now.

Here are a few links to projects with the potential to help with that, please feel free to suggest others in the comments and please support these projects because otherwise we are going down a very dark road indeed:

  1. The Safe Network
  2. DNN
  3. Steem News

And please remember to be careful when commenting on this story or discussing it with friends if you live in the UK.