ZEROONE is a product developed by CFX Quantum that ensures people can participate in the financial markets with zero risks and one percent fixed monthly returns. The product would not have been possible without the application of Q-HATS of the Digital Annealer from the Fujitsu Corp. Japan.

Enabling Arbitrage Trading

CFX Quantum working with a university research center was able to come up with the mathematical calculation for the working of the Digital Annealer than can be used in arbitrage trading in the crypto market. In the future, it will be expanded to cover other asset classes.

By using the Digital Annealer, it makes it possible to achieve high calculation speeds and the high-speed transmission of orders. As a result, zero loss trading with 1% fixed monthly returns is possible. However, it is worth noting that the product only achieves the lowest risk possible based on the data available since achieving absolute zero risks is impossible.

Understanding Arbitrage Trading

The ZEROONE product can achieve zero risks through arbitrage trading. At its most basic, arbitrage trading is the buying and selling of an asset at different exchanges to make a profit by identifying the price difference at those exchanges.

It is made possible by market inefficiencies in the financial markets. Arbitrage can be an especially useful tool in the crypto market, which comprises of hundreds of exchanges. At any one time, the price of crypto assets varies at all these exchanges. Not only is it legal, but it is also encouraged since it helps to boost market efficiency while boosting trading liquidity.

As an example, arbitrage trading in the crypto market entails buying Bitcoin in one crypto exchange and selling it at another at a slightly higher price. It is a crucial mechanism in the market, which ensures prices do not deviate too much from their fair value for long periods.

However, because of advances in technology, it has become harder to profit from arbitrage trading. To benefit from it, you would need an advancement system that uses the latest advances in technology. That is where the ZEROONE product comes in. With the use of Q-HATS, it can make speedy calculations that eliminate risk from arbitrage trading.

Understanding Q-HATS

To understand Q-HATS, it is important to first discuss HATS, which is what it is based on. HATS stands for Highly Advanced Trading System. It is based on the concept that no single system can beat the market over a long period.

As a result, CFX Quantum created a database comprised of hundreds of algo systems created by the team and other outside traders. HATS calculates the risks and rewards of each system daily. The top performers are kept while the rest are locked out. At the core of the system is a desire to reduce risk.

How HATS Evolved into Q-HATS

Q-HATS means Quantum HATS. The Q-HATS take advantage of pre-Quantum developments made by Fujitsu, a Japanese tech developer and the creator of Digital Annealer chip. With Q-HATS, the ZEROONE product will be able to exploit light-speed technology that creates risk-free arbitrage opportunities for traders.

About the Fujitsu Digital Annealer

The Fujitsu Digital Annealer provides the benefits of quantum computing, which is quite expensive and difficult to run. For instance, to operate a quantum process, you would need specialized lab conditions that maintain the temperature at absolute zero.

Fujitsu developed the Digital Annealer circuit, which is based on a circuit designed that imitates quantum computing is thus able to achieve pre-quantum computing. It allows the world to enjoy the benefits promised by quantum computing technology. The result is that it can solve complex problems and achieve complex combinatorial optimization without increased complications and costs that are associated with quantum computing.

The Digital Annealer lowers the entry barrier into quantum computing and gives businesses a faster and more efficient way to deal with problems they face. Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired solution will help CFX Quantum solve complex combinatorial optimization issues that classical computing is unable to solve. With the Digital Annealer, CFX Quantum will be able to identify arbitrage-trading opportunities in a flash and optimize profits for clients.

ZEROONE Concept Simplified

ZEROONE can be compared to staking your Bitcoin with one percent monthly returns. For now, only crypto is covered. However, there are plans to cover other types of assets in the future.

The Risk

There is always a risk that counterparties, such as crypto exchange could fail to make payouts from the result of successful trades. To avoid such issues, the ZEROONE product will only work with trusted crypto exchanges in the world. Besides that, most of the crypto will be stored in cold storage to eliminate such risks.

The Simple Steps of Using ZEROONE

  • Deposit your crypto and hold on it
  • Earn 1% interest deposited in your account every month
  • The slump in BTC is covered via hedging

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