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NeuronX is a data-processing platform which is able to forecast daily cryptocurrency rate changes with an accuracy of about  75%. The platform resembles a neural network based on the principles of artificial intelligence and machine algorithms.

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies such as their own data networks, characterized by the unique logic of data processing and analysis, NeuronX offers reliable information and trading recommendations for cryptocurrency pairs on the world’s most popular crypto exchanges. Today every NeuronX user can already see BTC/USDT 15-minute forecasts in their accounts.

Moreover, the NeuronX has invented a trading robot. Having received a signal from the neural network, it opens and closes deals automatically. This robot has demonstrated a return of 2% per day in test mode.

The NeuronX advantages:

  1. High quality NeuronX forecasts: High quality forecasts are an indispensable tool in modern cryptocurrency trading. By using them investors and traders address key trading risks related to the mistakes of choosing the wrong cryptocurrency buy/sell position, entering into potentially successful positions too early or too late, or inaccurately assessing the size or strength of a trend.
  2. The NeuronX trading bots, synchronized with the neural network, allow high net worth individuals and funds to trade in automated mode, but still allowing the option to tweak the parameters such as acceptable risk level and preferred risk / reward ratio when needed.
  3. The technical foundations of the NeuronX platform have a high degree of power and a high standard of security for data processing. This allows for accurate forecasts on a planned portfolio of 50 cryptocurrency pairs. This breadth of information will give traders, crypto funds, analysts and retail investors the opportunity to maximise their effectiveness on a daily basis.
  4. The high level of security achieved by NeuronX is a result of more than 150,000 machine hours or testing, learning, development of sophisticated algorithms for cryptocurrency rate forecasts for daily trading.
  5. NeuronX uses non-standard neural network learning approaches, allowing it to outpace many similar development teams on the market. NeuronX achieves much greater accuracy of forecasts thanks to its in-house research and inventions.

The Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence that NeuronX is based on is self-improving; its constant process of learning and re-learning is based on an evolutionary approach typically seen in natural ecosystems.

The neural network recalculates and changes its algorithms based on the experience of successful forecast, but more importantly based on its past mistakes. This allows it to improve the accuracy of its forecasts, adapting the decision-making process to the fluctuating market conditions. The neuronX team has developed and tested five new cryptocurrency market activity analysis methods over the course of the last 1.5 years. These are:

  • Analysis of magnetic lines
  • The way changes in open but not yet fulfilled orders influences changes in the price trend
  • Anomalies in candlestick movements relative to price corridor forecast in the 15 minute to 4 hour time range
  • In depth transaction volume analysis
  • Detection of implicit chart patterns both within historic data and in real-time.

NXBT Token

In order to implement the platform described above, NeuronX is going to issue its own cryptocurrency called NXBT tokens. It is a utility token supporting the ERC-20 standard. It is used as a payment tool and is necessary for all platform services purchases. The token emission has a limit of 200 000 000 NXBT.

The NeuronX team

The NeuronX team consists of 15 analysts, engineers, traders and developers working non-stop. Every team member has an extensive experience in artificial intelligence development based on neural networks. Moreover, they have solid foundation in Data Science, Big Data analytics, machine education and financial analysis.

NeuronX development

In the future the NeuronX team plans to use the EOS blockchain ecosystem to create a Decentralized Storage of Forecasts (DSOF). This will accumulate an extensive set of forecasts based on AI technologies which will reside within a tamper-proof decentralized platform. Specialists using an open API developed by NeuronX, and anybody else with an original forecast approach, will be able to place algorithms within DSOF. The automatic system for detecting and rewarding optimal solutions which are making the most accurate forecasts will also be embedded within DSOF.

DSOF is the collective wisdom of artificial intelligence.

DSOF features:

  • The whole forecast history stored in the EOS blockchain
  • An Open API for off-site developers of AI and trading algorithms based on machine learning
  • Public top lists of the most accurate forecast algorithms
  • Open source code distributed under the terms of MIT

At the same time as the  platform is launched, the DSOF tokens will be emitted. They will be used to grow the community of developers, programmers, machine learning analysts, AIs and neural networks. The DSOF token emission will be based on a separate smart contract based on the EOS blockchain.

Competitive interaction and research

The DSOF platform offers an open API for independent AI and machine learning algorithm developers. Every enthusiast from the AI world can monetize his or her market forecasts using DSOF. If they are able to make accurate forecasts then the system will reward them with DSOF tokens. The strongest teams will get grants to carry out deep research and to  maintain necessary infrastructure.

This means that NeuronX contributes to the development of an open innovation approach as well as the building of collaborative competitive interaction n the world of neural networks for trading.

NeuronX will turn a data-processing platform into a full decentralized ecosystem uniting all crypto industry members.