ViMarket is a 3D marketplace for virtual reality items, targeting the e-commerce industry to provide powerful and exciting new tools for shoppers and online stores. It will integrate the use of its own native digital currency,  known as the ViToken. This ViToken, based on Ethereum, will be distributed to buyers via an initial coin offering (ICO).

Virtual Reality Driving Sales

The team behind ViMarket have developed proprietary editing software which allows anybody to create interactive simulations with photorealistic quality regardless of previous experience or training. These virtual objects and environments can then be added to the 3D marketplace.

Initially this technology will be marketed towards the real-estate and interior decoration sectors, allowing businesses to create virtual recreations of properties to show to prospective customers. In the near future the firm plans to expand first to fashion and automotive industries, and ultimately to e-commerce in general.

The virtual versions of real life objects created using the ViMarket editor are known playfully by the term ‘virsions’.

In addition to making the editor available to companies wishing to showcase their product with things like virtual tours, its simplicity of use means that it can also be made available to customers themselves. Shoppers will be encouraged to become ‘visionaries’, purchasing a virtual reality version of a product and creating their own environment to try it out in before making a purchase. For example, a shopper may be encouraged to create a 3D model of a room in their house to test interior décor purchases, or of themselves to see how clothes purchases will look on them rather than the model chosen by the retailer. People who purchase these product virsions may then also use them to gain a discount on the real product if they decide to go ahead and make the purchase. The value of this for retailers is to increase purchases and reduce shopping cart abandonment, which costs retailers $6.2 Trillion annually


ViTokens will first go on sale to the public on December 7th 2017.

The total supply of these tokens is fixed at 250 million, out of which 180 million will be sold. There is a sliding price scale in which the cost per token will rise when certain set thresholds for the number of tokens sold is reached, so if you are interested in taking part it will pay to buy early in the sale.

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