United Traders (UT) is a proprietary trading company established in 2009. Employing traders from forty-two countries around the world, it has won multiple awards for its success in the world of traditional finance. With one of the firm’s products already integrating cryptocurrency, and several new blockchain products in the pipeline, United Traders is launching an ICO to raise funds from interested investors.

United Traders today

The company first gained mainstream recognition in 2011 when it won the ‘Best Private Investor’ competition run by the Moscow Stock Exchange, with returns of over 10% per annum. The UT hedge fund was further recognized in the Russian Hedge fund industry awards in 2014 and again in 2015.

At the heart of UT’s future plans is the Aurora multimarket trading platform for Windows users. This platform is already in operation and being used by clients, and facilitates trades across a range of traditional financial and cryptocurrency exchanges, including NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, ARCA, CME, CBOE, CBOT, EUREX, MOEX, SPBEX AND Kraken.

New Products in the pipeline

Building on this success the UT team are building their own cryptocurrency exchange called UTEX, which they believe has a great chance to become one of the top global exchanges purely based on use by current clients of the Aurora trading platform. Of course they also aim to attract new clients in addition to this.

Even more interestingly, the company believes it has hit on a technical solution to the problem of liquidity that hampers many larger investors wishing to enter into trades on cryptocurrency markets, which often have lower volume than they are used to. This is called the ‘Smart Route System’ and is based around the ability to break up large orders and execute the parts simultaneously across a spectrum of different exchanges.

For investors lacking the in-depth technical knowledge required to successfully profit from the blockchain revolution UT also has a solution, in the form of an investment platform where anybody can build up a portfolio based on investment ideas crafted by experts. Currently these investment ideas come from UT themselves, such as the Kvadrat Black algorithmic hedge fund. But in the future, any successful investor will be able to prove themselves, with their performance recorded transparently on the blockchain, and then make their strategies available for other investors.

In addition to these services, the company is also building a crypto investment knowledge base called the ‘Mega Dictionary’. Generating income from advertising, this investing dictionary will crowdsource a comprehensive guide to every topic UT clients may be interested in, rewarding contributors for their efforts.


All of United Traders’ products will make use of the in-house UTT crypto token as their internal currency. In total 100 million UTT tokens will be creating, with 65 million going on sale to the public.

The initial distribution of these tokens is taking place now in the form of a ‘pre-ICO’ sale, in which early investors who are able to meet the minimum purchase requirement can buy tokens with a discount of up to 30%.

Following this, a full public ICO sale will begin on 30th November 2017.

For more general information about United Traders and to register for participation in the ICO visit:

Or for more detailed information about the products they are developing you can also take a look at the whitepaper here.