Swissborg is creating the first Swiss wealth management solution to offer tailor-made crypto investment services. It will be structured as a ‘decentralized autonomous organisation’ or ‘DAO’ and will make use of Ethereum smart contracts. It also aims to become fully regulated in its native Switzerland.

Banking DAO and ICO

Swissborg will create itself as a decentralized autonomous organisation with the launch of its CHSB token, which will be available for public purchase during an ICO token sale commencing on 21st November 2017. Every member of the DAO community will have voting rights and will be able to contribute towards the development of Swissborg and earn rewards for their contributions.

Swissborg will generate revenue from transaction fees as well performance and management fees for investment services. Owners of the CHSB token will profit from smart contract based revenue sharing.

Unlike most ICO’s this token sale aims to provide legal protection and guarantees to anyone investing in its ICO. This is possible due to Swissborg being one of the first start-ups to make use of the new C-Shares protocol. Anyone who owns a CHSB token will be entitled to exchange it for a Swissborg C-Share. Owning these C-Shares makes you a Smart Shareholder in the company, eligible for on-chain dividends and participation in on-chain governance.

Swissborg Services

The first service to be offered by Swissborg will be a multi-strategy token hedge fund called Cryptallion. The Cryptallion CSB token will be 100% distributed to the network and will only be available to buy during the Token Generation Event or from other investors on third party exchanges.

Run by a team of investors with over 80 years of combined experience working around the clock, the fund will invest in a diverse portfolio of crypto assets and opportunities including Pre-ICO deals, Event-driven, Arbitrage, Systematic AI, Intraday Trading, and Credit.

In addition to this, the company is building a next generation ‘Robo-Advisor’ to provide low cost automated investment advice harnessing swarm intelligence and artificial intelligence, passive index funds and an off-chain crypto investment fund.

A wide range of other services are planned dependent on the level of funds raised during the ICO. These include everything from thematic indexes to personalized investment strategies using an AI based ‘Smart Mandate’ to high-end wealth management services, derivatives products and more.

For more information about Swissbg services and the upcoming ICO sale take a look at the website here:

More in depth information can also be found in the whitepaper.