Crypto trading is a complex process in which you have to put a lot of work, commitment, energy, and time to make a profit. When entering this industry, newcomers tend to dedicate most of their time to learn everything there is to know about the crypto market to get both profit and experience.

For professional traders, however, time is a crucial factor. They know the market and have the experience, so the challenge is to make a consistent income without spending all of their time following the market’s fluctuations. To maximize their efficiency, many professional traders have switched to automated trading, as an easy and quick way to execute their strategies without spending 24/7 hours monitoring the crypto market.

We are going to review Superorder as one of these automated trading platforms that help pro investors.

Superorder is an API-based crypto trading terminal which automatically executes trading orders and boasts with some excellent yet easy-to-use trading features.

Let’s have a look.

What Is Automated Trading?

Automation, particularly in crypto trading, is a process that assigns specific functions from traders to machines. The system then executes them on the trader’s behalf. These algorithms can perform many tasks, from the most elementary functions to complex trading strategies, facilitating the life of users who don’t have to monitor prices all the time. The only obligation of traders is to specify the functions which the machine will execute.

Many benefits of automated trading platforms are associated with the ability of the machine to minimize the time spent by traders following the markets, as well as to remove the emotion factor in the process.

On the other hand, there are also some downsides to it, because we are talking about software that clearly lacks the creativity humans have. Therefore, it is necessary to check and modify the initial trading strategies to create a more diversified way of trading and increase your chances of profit.

Automation is a game-changer in the crypto trading industry, as professional traders are switching to this alternative. Overall, the easier they are to use, the more attractive choice they become for traders, and Superorder is an excellent example of this.

Superorder Overview

Superorder is a web-based trading terminal that uses API keys to connect traders with crypto exchanges and allows them to build their trading strategies. After initiating the strategy, the system starts tracking the market prices 24/7 and waits for the appropriate conditions to start buying and selling assets automatically. Superorder executes orders on the trader’s behalf through an easy-to-use interface that currently works with four exchanges Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, and CEX.IO. The company is planning on adding more exchanges soon.

It’s simple to start using the system. There are three essential steps to follow:

  1. Register. New users get a 3-day free trial when they create their account.
  2. Generate API keys. Enter your exchange’s account, create, and paste keys to your Superorder profile.
  3. Create a strategy. Arrange buy/sell orders, as well as other rules available on the platform, in the connected chain. 

An essential thing about Superorder is that it asks traders to disable the withdrawal option when they are generating their API keys to avoid the risk of someone getting your coins.

Best Superorder Features

There are many automated trading platforms out there. To stand out from the crowd, Superorder provides its users with unique features. One of their most acclaimed traits is the codeless strategy builder. In other words, you can design your strategies without learning a programming language, an excellent feature for pro traders who don’t want to waste time.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the most significant aspects of Superorder’s trading terminal.

1.     Strategy Building

Superorder’s interface provides easy access to several different orders that can be combined in a chain, and run by the system. The whole idea revolves around user-generated strategies, which can easily be applied by traders.

There are two main categories of orders on the interface at the moment, although Superorder adds new ones regularly.

  • Actions: include Market Buy and Market Sell, Trailing Buy and Trailing Sell, Stop Buy and Stop Sell, Notify, etc.
  • Conditionals: include Wait for Rate, OR Forks AND Fork, Rate Change, MACD, and RSI.

The right combination of these can be very profitable, and Superorder allows its users to modify everything in the builder as well as to run several active strategies simultaneously.

2.     Super Trade

Super Trade is an amazing feature that automatically builds strategies. It works for new plans that involve the purchase of an asset on the crypto market. Through Super Trade, users can determine the amount of coin(s) they want to buy, as well as the purchase requirements.

Then, the terminal creates the Market Buy and Limit Buy orders by itself, and places other conditionals such as OR Forks, Stop Loss options, and Take Profits. Additionally, Superorder reveals the estimated profits and losses of the specified strategy.

3.     Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots are the ultimate automation tool. Superorder offers bots based on tested and optimized users’ trading strategies.

Currently, the platform offers three different crypto trading bots starting from 0.009 BTC per month. All of them work with BitMEX exchange.

  • Milky Scalper Bot – for scalping.
  • Happy Hammer Bot – for short trades.
  • Cherry Pick Bot – for long trades

Additional Benefits for Crypto Traders

Superorder boasts with several advanced features, as we already saw. However, apart from them, the crypto trading terminal also possesses other benefits that can be attractive to crypto traders.

Here are some of them:

  • Portfolio Tracker is a tool that effectively removes third-party apps from the platform, providing users with their balance information inside the terminal.
  • Sandbox Mode allows testing strategies without using real money. The platform provides traders with demo funds of up to 10,000 units, which can be used to run simulations.
  • Re-Sending Request is an excellent advantage to have in case of a sudden app crash. The terminal will keep sending the order until it is executed.
  • ●        TradingView charts are available on Superorder’s interface, and the screens are entirely customizable for better trading experience.

With these features, it’s safe to say that Superorder is a suitable choice for both occasional traders, and experts, and certainly one that will save you precious time.

Final Thoughts

Superorder certainly has some unique features. However, the platform also has several things that require extra work. Currently, there isn’t a great choice on exchanges available on the platform nor a large number of bots. Nevertheless, the company is working to improve both of these aspects and, hopefully, we will see an upgrade soon.

Overall, Superorder looks promising, and we expect to see more from their advanced trading features as well.

For more information about this crypto trading terminal, check the extended trading automation guide and follow Superorder on Medium, Facebook and Twitter