Solvenian company Robotina is developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions which will help their clients to optimize and reduce energy consumption, develop new and profitable relationships, and in doing so reduce their impact on the environment while saving and earning money.

To launch their new platform the firm is holding an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its ROX token, the native cryptocurrency used within the platform.

The company

Robotina was founded in 1990 with a mission to create new innovations within the automation and control technology sector. The firm has already participated in partnerships with household name companies such as Hitachi & Panasonic. It employees have many years of combined experience within the field in which they are working.

The Robotina Platform & proprietary technology

The Robotina platorm will provide an all-inclusive solution drawing together connected IoT hardware devices and the firm’s Power Platform (PP) software. This software will run on cloud servers, and will combine the benefits of artificial intelligence, smart rules, and blockchain technology.

The main purpose of this technology is to enable users to optimise energy use and reduce electricity costs by monitoring real-time consumption data. The platform will have the ability to manage IoT devices in addition to collecting and processing synonymized data in order to maximize efficiency. This means that it will be able to do things like automatically turning off a device when it is not being used, or to run devices only when it is cheapest to do so.

In addition to this core functionality, clients will also be able to use the platform to enter into novel relationships with other users, for example by selling unused power, group energy buying, or crowd financing. They will also be able to generate additional income by opting in to allow their anonymous data to be aggregated with other users and sold.

In order to fuel its ambitions to become a world leading supplier of specialized connected control devices and systems, the company has already invested in developing proprietary technology. This includes:

  • Cybro-I, II and III (Q1/18): Cybro is a programmable IoT controller. It creates a distributed control system and includes all of the necessary hardware and software for customizing and adapting solutions to any potential challenges.
  • SMIP Cloud (SaaS): This is the software platform that enables this technology, communicating securely with Cybro controllers to overcome the gap between controllers (real world) and Internet (virtual world).

The technology has been tested and it has been shown that savings of up to 20% are achievable.

The ROX token and ICO sale

ROX is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain, and is the native crypto token of the Robotina platform. It is therefore the base currency used for all internal transactions. Other payment methods such as different cryptocurrencies or fiat can also be used, but paying with ROX brings the benefit of a 3% discount. When users pay with other currencies their payments are converted into ROX and the rewards shared with the community.

Uses for the ROX token include:

  1. Energy Servies Company (ESCO) crowdfunding
  2. Paying membership subscriptions and as proof of membership for participating in community projects
  3. Incentives and rewards, for things like selling data
  4. Buying hardware and software access.
  5. Virtual Power Plant crowdfunding, for energy trading and renewable power initiatives.

These ROX tokens are initially distributed through an ICO crowdsale. This crowdsale started on 20th February 2018 and will run until 30th March 2018. The total supply is 815,000,000 tokens and the cost per token is 0.05 ETH with an initial bonus of 10%.

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