Refind is a new way to find interesting content on the internet and cut through the noise to find only the most relevant links and media from people and topics you follow. In order to spur adoption and gain new users they are creating 1 billion crypto tokens and giving them all away to people who sign up and user their service. Later on, when all the tokens have been given away, they will use 10% of their profits to buy back these tokens at market price and ‘burn’ them (making them unusable). Essentially this means that early users will be able to share in the profits if Refind is successful.

Find interesting stuff on the internet

Relevance is key to the Refind experience. They believe that many of us are overwhelmed by the volume of media coming from our favourite producers, people we follow, and from around the web; we therefore struggle to sift through the noise to find only the things that are the most  interesting and relevant to us. I’m sure that is true for many people. Their goal is to help with this by filtering your feeds and searching the web for you, surfacing only the links that are the most relevant to you personally.

There are a few different ways that Refind helps you to find interesting new stuff on the internet. When you create an account with them they will ask you to tell them who your favourite publishers and media producers are; in addition to this you can link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to include feeds of your followers’ posts, and you can select as many topics as you like to follow as well.

This will be used to create a curated list of content just for you, which you can view by visiting their site, through their mobile app, or using their ‘new tab’ extension for the chrome browser. The new tab extension takes over the page shown to you when you open a new tab and automatically fills it with stories you may find interesting. Personally I liked this one the best. Although I may occasionally go to their app to find stuff when I’m out and about and I’m bored, I will probably just keep going directly to my favourite sites or apps most of the time, but I found regularly being shown stories which I can quickly skim read and which may or may not catch my attention each time I open a new tab more engaging and fun.

You can also use a browser plugin to save links to read later, either saving them permanently if they are important or putting them in a folder which automatically deletes links after two weeks. This is great for people like me who end up filling up their bookmarks with links and then only going back to maybe a quarter of them and ending up with loads of clutter you have to tidy up later.

Each user gets a public profile, and you can publish any links and content you want to your public feed. Other users can follow you, and people can even get an email digest of your publicly shared content. You can push links to your public profile using the same browser plugin mentioned above, so its quick and convenient to use.

Overall Refind is not revolutionary, but it is well made and I’m sure many people will find some aspect of what they offer very useful. Well worth taking a look at.

Get free crypto token rewards

If you sign up for an account using an invite link you get 20 free coins. If you register without an invite links you just get 1 coin.

Here is an invite link you can use:

You can earn additional coins for inviting other users, and they are adding new ways to earn from using the service over time – for example I already got 1 extra free coin for installing the ‘new tab’ extension.

For the moment these ‘coins’ only exist within your account on their site, but when all of them have been allocated then they will be issued as blockchain assets (probably on Ethereum) which users will be able to withdraw to their own wallets or trade on exchanges.