A new cryptocurrency project is aiming to build a decentralized referral marketing and player reward platform for video games. Based around the Refereum (RFR) utility token running on the Ethereum blockchain and making use of smart contracts to trigger payments in a transparent and secure manner, its developers are aiming to provide an innovative solution with benefits for both players and games studios. The RFR tokens will be made available for the public to purchase in an ICO crowdsale beginning on 13th November 2017.

Refereum have impressive connections, with industry giants Twitch and Unity working with the start-up company as advisors.

The Concept

The idea behind Refereum is to create a combined platform for referral marketing and player rewards. This is designed to cut marketing costs and boost engagement for games developers, while at the same time boosting earnings for content creators like Twitch streamers and YouTube channel owners and providing a new route into eSports for would-be professional gamers.

Referral Marketing

It is well-known that players who come to a game through a referral are likely to play for longer and spend more money. To help games studios capitalize Refereum will provide an advanced, international referral program especially tailored towards games.

The use of Cryptocurrency payments eliminates the usual problem with internal referral programs – having to deal with legal restrictions in various different countries and users wanting payments in a wide range of different fiat currencies.

At the same time, the possibility to integrate Refereum directly into games means that developers can choose exactly what counts as a referral. For example, they may pay a relatively high reward for high quality referrals who play until the end of the first level, rather than paying a small amount for everyone who downloads a game, encouraging quality over quantity.

By building a base of gaming influencers and integrating with platforms they use, such as Twitch, Refereum may also eliminate the need for firms to spend huge sums of money negotiating specific advertising deals for their game.

Player Rewards

Customizable player rewards can be integrated into any game using Refereum. Cash rewards can be paid out for a wide range of actions or accomplishments to boost player satisfaction and engagement.

For example, a tiny one cent micropayment added to the account of everyone who joins a Twitch stream within a given window, or prizes based on leaderboard positions and tournament wins.

The ease of implementing small payment and prizes for a wide range of accomplishments may also help to provide a first step up on the ladder for people who would like to earn a living playing games.

The Tech Roadmap

Some of the features to be developed if the RFR crowdsale is successful include:

  • Twitch API integration
  • Unity asset store tools
  • Direct purchase of RFR using credit or debit card
  • A dedicated portal to be launched at Award.Network to help marketers, influencers and players find the latest and best bounty opportunities.


The total supply of RFR tokens is limited to 50 million, half of which will be put up for sale during the ICO. The cost per token will be fixed at $1, however there are discounts available for early participation.

For more information about the Refereum platform, token and ICO please visit the website: