Specialist advertising agency WeRaise starting operations on 1st November 2017, offering promotional services such as press release place and banner advertising for projects seeking to raise funds through an ‘initial coin offering’ or ‘ICO’.

The range of promotional services offered to ICO projects by WeRaise include things like:

  • Professional promo video production
  • Social media marketing
  • Banner advertising
  • Press release placement

Together with other tools which can be harnessed when needed, these services give fundraising projects everything they need to launch a successful ICO campaign. For projects in a hurry, or simply those who value simplicity and clarity, the press release distribution and banner advertising options are available to deploy rapidly with the click of a button. But because each project is unique, WeRaise is also ready to work with every project individually to provide a personally tailored solution to fit their needs. Every campaign run through WeRaise is tracked to measure and optimize performance.

Although WeRaise is a brand new company, the team responsible for it is not new to internet marketing or ICOs. Core team members bring 20 years experience in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing (SMM) and banner advertising. This experience comes from working with big global brand names such as Asus, Bayer, Budweiser, Kraft, Motorola and Samsung. This internet marketing experience is combined within the team with cryptocurrency professionals whose background is specifically within the area of ICO marketing.

This experienced team conducted extensive research into the blockchain ecosystem and ran test campaigns to establish the most important traffic sources to target for their customers, and to compare results from different methods and strategies, prior to offering their services to customers.

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