Opporty is an blockchain powered marketplace for services, which makes use of Ethereum smart contracts. Users can post listings to either offer or request services, and the directory of listings covers both business to business and business to consumer services.

Smart contracts are used to provide escrow functionality. This ensures that payment is completed only if the service is delivered as it was advertised. It does this without requiring the owners of the marketplace themselves to hold funds on behalf of users, as the Ethereum blockchain holds funds and enforces the contract, which makes the whole process faster, more efficient, and less risky.

Ease of Use

Compared to many blockchain based products, Opporty really stands out in terms of ease of use. It is clear that this has been a priority for the development team from the very start.

The marketplace is accessed through a simple web interface which seems to be pretty easy and intuitive to navigate and use. From the perspective of a service user, you can browse listings by looking through an extensive set of categories and sub-categories, browse through the companies with active listings, or search for a specific service. You can also sort listings by age, and summaries are presented in a clear way with histories and ratings prominently displayed for each one. Of course you can also post a request if the service you need isn’t covered by any of the available listings. The process for creating listings to either request or offer a service is simple and clearly explained.

Although the project is based around the use of cryptocurrency you can still pay using fiat, which is a big bonus for reaching a more mainstream audience.

Quantity and Quality of Content

There seems to be a wide range of listings already active within the directory. A particular strength appears to be various forms of legal services, which are comprehensively covered, but there are also a lot of other types as well. Many of the listings are from firms with an established reputation rather than freelancers using the platform to start out, which seems to be a good sign in terms of quality.

Benefits Over Competing Products

Compared to other competing products Opporty offers a range of benefits including:

  • Reducing the cost and complexity of lead generation for businesses
  • Providing a single platform for negotiating terms and accepting payment
  • Consumer protection for buyers using smart contract powered escrow
  • Secure P2P cryptocurrency payments as well as fiat options
  • Transparent ratings and reviews system
  • Introduces new users to cryptocurrency through Ethereum based token rewards

For more information take a look at our article about the Opporty token and ICO or visit the website to start using the marketplace: