A new crypto asset exchange platform called Cointrade is aiming to tackle the main problems facing current exchange users, and thereby offer an improved service at a lower cost. In order to help them turn these plans into reality, the company is welcoming investments into their platform through the form of an ‘Initial Coin Offering’ or ICO.

The new exchange will offer trading across a range of crypto coins and tokens, as well as supporting major fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GDP, CAD, and JPY. The main aim in creating a new exchange is to offer the most user-friendly trading experience available today, with an emphasis on stability and low fees.

Exchange platform design and features

The design of the Cointrade exchange is geared towards mass market appeal, reaching out beyond the small circle of crypto enthusiasts to create a service which is accessible and easy to use for regular consumers.

I addition to an intuitive trading interface, this focus on broadening adoption and appealing to mass market consumers includes the addition of a wide range of tutorial videos and guides, as well as tools such as trade activity signals, and support services available 24 hours per day.

Reliability and performance

Reliability is also a high priority, with the the team identifying issues such as system lags (especially during times of heavy load when a lot of people want to trade) and annoying bugs as a major problem for users of other exchanges, as well as poor support and other errors. A large part of the funds raised during the ICO will be dedicated to ensuring that these issues are not a problem for Cointrade users. A dedicated anti-DdoS system will also be in place to further protect users from interruptions and performance issues.

Modular design

Further enhancing the stability and reliability of the platform is a modular design system, in which each part of the site runs on its own servers separate from the others. Therefore the front end, back end, order processing algorithm, cryptocoin interface and market maker can run independently, ensuring that any problem in one area does not affect the others.


Anybody who has taken an interest in crypto will have heard about exchanges being hacked and customer funds being stolen. Unfortunately this is still a risk which traders must consider when choosing an exchange.

Cointrade promises to take security very seriously, with internal measures such as cold storage as well as 2nd-factor authentication for individual customer accounts.


Traders often complain about customer support on the major exchanges, with long waiting times often reported.

To stand out from the crowd, Cointrade will offer a round the clock, multilingual support services for its traders.

Lower Commissions

Many exchanges have high fees, which make it more difficult for traders to generate a profit. Cointrade promises fees that are half that of other exchanges and with a promise that there are no hidden fees or commissions.

Transparent listing of new assets

It is not uncommon for exchanges to charge high fees for a coin or token to be added, or to use opaque selection criteria which leave users wondering if there are secret deals going on in the background to promote certain cryptos over others. Cointrade promises to run a transparent operation, with crypto assets chosen for inclusion based on demand from users.

The token and ICO

The Cointrade token uses the ticker symbol ‘CTT’ and is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

A fixed number of CTT will be generated, which can be used to reduce your fees when using the platform, for access to premium support service, and to get early access to new features. The value of the token is therefore expected to reflect the number of users trading on the exchange.

The full ICO sale is scheduled to take place in July 2018, however there is also a pre-ICO sale of a smaller number of tokens which begins on 1st April 2018 and runs until 20th April. The price during this pre-ICO is $0.20 USD.

For more information about the exchange and the token sales please visit the official website here: