There are loads of ways to earn crypto, with new ones popping up on a regular basis. They have always been popular among crypto fans too, and 2019 is no exception. The possibility to earn a bit of money and then see your moderate earnings turn into a small (or even large) fortune if the cryptocurrencies you earn go up in price is very appealing to many people. Since buying crypto means risking your money, hard earned money that you can lose if the value of the cryptos you buy goes down, the chance to earn your first crypto is also a great way to learn about blockchain and start your journey as a cryptocurrency user.

I’ve written about this subject several times before, with articles like 10 of the best ways to earn cryptocurrency and the best ways to get free crypto.But this space is always changing, with new services and opportunities popping up and other older ones fading, so it’s time to return to the topic and share with you my top picks for the best ways to earn crypto in 2019.

Creating and Consuming Media

Crypto is great for making micropayments to people who create media content and publish it on the web, as well as for creating new and unique economic models for monetizing media content. So it should not come as a surprise that some of the best ways to earn crypto are in the media business.

Publish0x is one of the latest platforms for 2019 and is currently my favourite. You can create blogs and publish articles to earn Bounty0x (BNTY) tokens which can be traded on several major exchanges if you prefer to convert them to bitcoin or other coins.

A pool of tokens is maintained by the site itself, allowing readers to ‘tip’ articles they like without having to make a deposit or spend their own money. Each reader gets a certain number of tips each day that they can dish out, and the really unique thing which makes this great for consumers is that they can take part of the tip themselves! Every time you leave a tip you can choose to keep up to 80% of it yourself, with the rest going to the creator, or to give it all for content you really like.

Of course you aren’t likely to make a lot just as a reader, but its still nice to get a little something back. And if you create your own content you can earn more, with the amount depending on how popular it is.

Steemit is a more established site for publishing content where you can publish your media content and earn more. Again the amount you can earn depends on how popular your content is, but there are people who have made a lot of money from using this platform.

Compared to Publish0x there are more social features as this is built on the Steem blockchain which combines social networking and publishing aspects. You don’t earn money just by consuming content, but you can earn a little bit as a ‘curator’ if you are the first to upvote posts which later become popular.

Of course you can also create your own website or blog and monetize it by using ad networks such as Anonymous Ads which pay out in Bitcoin.

Bounties and Airdrops

Bounties are small tasks which are posted online for anybody to complete, with a set reward for anyone who meets the requirements. There are loads of places to find crypto related bounties and earn bitcoin or other coins. Tasks can vary from highly specialized and complex things like finding bugs in software to very simple tasks like retweeting something on Twitter, subscribing to a newsletter, or registering on a website or app.

Airdrops are when projects give out their coin or token for free, often requiring only that you register your interest and have a suitable wallet. These are usually conducted by new projects wanting to get as many people as possible to take a look and learn about what they are doing. You may have to wait a long time from when you make your claim until the project is actually launched, and maybe even longer before the token is available on exchanges, but you can’t really complain when you are getting something for free.

One site I recommend which goes even beyond the normal types of bounty you will find elsewhere is Crowdholding. They aim to allow companies to leverage the wisdom of the crowd to improve their business, and users can earn in many creative ways such as providing thoughtful feedback or coming up with new ideas, in addition to simple bounties. You can also help sort through other people’s contributions and earn by voting the best ones to the top (you earn if you vote for contributions which also get the most votes from others). From my initial experience using the site it seems like these extra elements increase the potential earnings you can get from Crowdholding compared to other alternatives.

Bounty0x is another one of the best places to find bounties of all types and sizes, but your can also find many more at There are also plenty of sites out there to help you keep up to date with latest airdrops so it might be worth Googling to find your favourite, but one good place to get you started is You can also find both Bounties and airdrops at Free Coin Hunt.

Earning by Learning

One of the newest and most popular opportunities to make money is Coinbase Earn. You can earn various cryptocurrencies by watching videos to learn about the projects and then answering questions to prove you have been paying attention. There are only a few so far, and there are waiting lists to get accepted on a course, but it is well worth the time. lets you charge people to send you messages. You can also get yourself onto lists so that companies can pay to send you marketing messages, usually asking you to read a message to learn about their project, perhaps register or follow them on social media and so on.

Tasks, surveys, faucets

Websites offering Bitcoin for various small tasks such as completing offers or surveys have been around for a long time, and they still continue to thrive in 2019. Often they are also combined with a faucet so that you can claim a few satoshis just for logging in to check out the other offers.

In addition to an offer wall of this kind and a faucet with loyalty bonuses built in, Cointiply also offers free coins for watching videos and playing casual games so that’s the one I would recommend at the moment.