Lucyd are developing next-generation augmented reality smartglasses, which solve many of the problems that have held this technology back in the past. Alongside the hardware, they are developing a blockchain-powered economy and app marketplace. Starting on 17th October Lucyd will hold a token presale for the initial distribution of its LCD tokens.

The problem

Smartglasses and augmented reality, in which data is overlaid on top of your view of the real world, have long been hailed as the next big revolution in consumer technology. A wide range of exciting new apps and features would become possible with this technology which have many technophiles salivating over the possibilities. But despite high profile experiments like Google Glass consumers have been slow on the uptake.

The reasons for this slow uptake primarily related to the device itself. Up until now smartglasses have been clunky, uncomfortable and made people stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. There were even reports of Google Glass testers being beaten up by members of the public who thought they were being secretly filmed or photographed.

Other problems which have been highlighted by early adopters include:

  • Limited field of view
  • Latency problems
  • Light leakage
  • Poor quality of eye-tracking technology
  • Difficult to master controls
  • Connectivity problems
  • Eye strain following regular use
  • Incompatibility of glasses with corrective lenses

The Solution

Based on a suite of synergistic patents developed by Dr. Jannick Rolland from the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida, Lucyd are developing a product which solves these issues. Through the integration of blockchain technology, they are also creating a truly global marketplace for augmented reality content and a novel reward system for app developers, as well as enabling low-cost peer-to-peer payments direct from the device.

Thanks to the work of Dr Rolland, who has joined the Lucyd team as an advisor, this new device will be much more lightweight and discreet than previous products. This will make Lucyd Lens “the first convenient, comfortable and unnoticeable smartglasses”.

The Lucyd Lens will have a slimline form almost indistinguishable from ordinary glasses. There will be no buttons, switches or wires. It will have a small and discreet front camera, bone conducting speakers in the stems and hidden microphone mounted in the rim as well as a wide range of other cool features.

A blockchain powered economy will reward developers for creating new AR content based on the reviews and ratings they receive, while also rewarding users for things like beta-testing, writing reviews and allowing advertising.

The Presale

Lucyd’s LCD tokens will first go on sale to the public in a presale starting on 17th October 2017.

During this presale early backers can get a 40% discount compared to the price that will be charged during the full public ICO scheduled to begin on 31st October. The presale price is $0.15 USD, compared to an ICO price of $0.25.

In total 100 million tokens will be created, of which 25 million will be available for purchase during the initial presale and another 25 million during the ICO, making 50 million tokens sold to the public.

An additional advantage to purchasing tokens is that when the Lucyd Lens first goes on sale to the public in early 2019, the first batch of glasses will only be available to buy using LCD tokens.

For more information about the Lucyd Lens, the presale or the ICO visit: