LiveTree is a well established player in the world of crowdfunding. After 2 years in business, their critically acclaimed platform has already managed to secure a 5% market share for entertainment crowdfunding in the UK. To put that in some perspective, the global entertainment crowdfunding market is valued at a cool $1 billion.

A range of new developments and partnerships, including a bold move to integrate blockchain technology and to move beyond crowdfunding into licensing and distribution, promise even greater things for the future.

The company recently launched a public sale for its ‘Seed’ token. This token will power a new economic model for not only financing, but also managing and distributing entertainment projects. Going under the name ‘LiveTree ADEPT‘, they describe this new venture as “the world’s first world’s first blockchain-powered, end-to-end production and distribution platform for TV & film”. You can read more about this token and the ICO sale further down the page or by visiting the LiveTree website.

Content Partnerships

In addition to building an exciting new platforms for funding, distributing and consuming media, they have also recently announced partnerships with content creators. This will ensure that there is quality content for consumers to watch.

One of these is CryptoShare – billed as the world’s first cryptocurrency game show. This game show will create a unique and exciting interactive experience for viewers, who will be able to share in the glory and earn rewards if they purchase the winning team’s tokens.

The format of this show will put a selection of start-ups seeking funding in front of a panel of prolific blockchain investors. After watching the elevator pitches, these investors will then discuss the various merits and challenges of each one and how they compare against each other. The aim of this will be to educate the viewer and give them a balanced expert opinion on each pitch.

Viewers and Seed token holders will then be able to participate in choosing what each team must do to progress through the process.

The end result will be to select a winning team, who will be awarded up to 1,000,000 Seed Tokens. In return, they will commit to giving a percentage of their own tokens back to Seed owners. In addition to this, 5% of their token allocation will be donated to a non-profit of charity chosen by the team themselves.

Another project named simply ‘Decentralized’ is a film and series created in collaboration with pioneering independent filmmaker Christopher Arcella and tech co-producer Erik Vesterland.

The star of Decentralized will be Amari Cheatom (Django Unchained, Love Under New Management, The Miki Howard Story, Night Catches Us), who will play a young and skeptical economics professor setting out on a journey to learn about blockchain. The story of this journey will educate as well as entertain, introducing the viewer to blockchain technology in a beginner friendly way through a fictional setting. Filming will begin later this year with the release scheduled for Autumn.

The pilot of Decentralized and the CryptoShare game show will be made available to view on LiveTree’s Blossom TV platform, which is a Netflix-esque entertainment portal.

The Blockchain Advantage

LiveTree’s integration of blockchain technology into their established crowdfunding platform will bring a number of key advantages.

The most important of these is, of course, the ability of content creators to reward backers who support their work through the use of crypto tokens. These tokens can be used to expand traditional backer rewards, including using them to give supporters a share of the intellectual property rights for a project and / or to share revenues with token holders.

These new types of relationship between creators and backers are managed and secured by the blockchain itself through smart contracts. This allows accounting and the distribution of funds to be handled in a transparent manner. It can even be fully automated, therefore providing a blockchain powered guarantee of payment.

The use of cryptocurrency also allows for censorship free funding for creative projects, even if they are controversial. And with fees set at just 2.5% LiveTree will be able to significantly undercut the industry standard of 5-20%.

These lower fees and the streamlined process will also allow for distributors, and ultimately consumers, to access new content for a lower cost.

The ICO token sale

The Seed token sale mentioned above was launched on January 31st, and a total of 1,111,131 tokens were sold during the pre-sale phase. This took them past their ‘soft-cap’ target, therefore ensuring that the project will be able to go ahead whatever happens.

The token, which has been created in a fixed quantity, will underpin the economic model of the ADEPT platform through an integrated token buyback with scarcity model. In addition to this, Seed projects and the Blossom TV entertainment portal subscriptions will create demand for the token and provide an additional driver of value.

If the ultimate target of $30 million in funding, which is also a ‘hard cap’ which cannot be exceeded, is not reached them the remaining tokens will be burned.

Interested investors can purchase Seed tokens for 0.001 ETH, and there are discounts available for purchases of 1.5 ETH or higher. Contributions of 7 ETH or higher will also get you entry into a 200,000 Seed prize lottery. There is no minimum purchase and payment is in Ether only.

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