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It’s fast coming time for mainstream financial markets to accept that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The current leading coin, Bitcoin, may change over time, but there are enough known benefits from using cryptocurrencies to warrant people sitting up and taking notice.

It’s no coincidence that a great number of online casinos and sports books are now accepting Bitcoin as a viable method for deposit and withdrawals. It’s something gamblers are asking for in response to certain benefits they can enjoy by using Bitcoin for cash transactions. Anonymity is certainly the number one benefit gamblers are enjoying. After factoring in other benefits like secure transactions, lower transaction fees and the ability to make immediate withdrawals without proof of identification, it’s clear to see why its all-systems-go for cryptocurrencies in the online gambling arena.

As we get toward the end of 2018, some interesting trends involving Bitcoin are coming to light. Again, these trends heavily favor players while also providing some interesting benefits for online casino operators. Let’s take a look at a couple of these trends.

Bigger Bonuses for Bitcoin Customers

Online casino operators are always looking for opportunities to draw more customers. In recent months, the industry has seen an influx of online casino operators offering bigger bonuses to customers who make deposits using Bitcoin. What’s the correlation? As mentioned above, transaction made with Bitcoin come with low to no transaction fees. For online casinos, that means customers have more money for casino games. Bigger bonuses might entice players to use Bitcoin and share a bit of the transaction savings with the casino. It’s a boon for the casino that doesn’t have to get involved in transactions, but still gets a little piece of the pie on the backend.

Bitcoin Price Guarantees

There’s always a lot of anxiety involved when people start looking at new ways to do something. With Bitcoin, there’s two issues that seem to keep people from jumping in with both feet. First, very few countries have regulations in place to help protect people from unsavory actors who seek to perpetrate crimes on unsuspecting victims. There’s not much the online casino industry can do about that.

The second issue relates to price volatility. Indeed, Bitcoin still goes through periods where the price can jump significantly one direction or the other. Interestingly, online casinos are showing a willingness to guarantee Bitcoin prices while customers have Bitcoin on deposit within the casino’s coffers. That’s significant because it shifts price risk from the customer to the casino. It will be interesting to see if online casinos will be able to reap any benefit from an increase in Bitcoin prices, but the ongoing pricing guarantee trend certainly helps to ease some player anxiety.

Bitcoin casino listed at Casino Whizz can help you with more information about online casinos that currently accept Bitcoin. You can also expect to see frequent updates as the industry continues moving towards a day where cryptocurrencies are the only available way to transact with an online casino.