Over the next two weeks, KYC.LEGAL will take part in two prestigious international conferences: Coin Agenda, which will start in Las Vegas on January 7, and BTC Miami on January 17-19. The company’s goal is to present to the public the platform it is developing to simplify and speed up the user identification process to ensure compliance with a number of legislative requirements (including the “know your customer” (KYC) requirements on confirming the identity and age of clients). This process pertains to nearly all areas of life – from banks to pharmacies, tour operators to insurance agents.

The two international conferences in January are often referred to as the New Year’s celebration for cryptocurrency market participants. For many startups, these events, which are attended by the industry “big wigs”, are a sort of coming of age ritual, symbolizing their ascension to a new level. KYC.LEGAL will introduce its up-and-running mobile client identification app, which is already available in App Store and Google Play, to the crypto professional community and enthusiasts. The idea behind the project is simple and effective: with the KYC.LEGAL app, users can perform self-verification or place an order for verification with the assistance of an agent working nearby, who will come to a place convenient for the client and check the client’s documents within a matter of minutes. The project also offers a courier service for the delivery of legal documents.

“The digital revolution is well underway, and users and businesses are running up against more and more KYC requirements every day. According to our research, every day 100,000 blockchain users pass through KYC verification,” says Daniil Rausov, the founder of the KYC.LEGAL project. “Our goal is to make this process quick and easy for users. We just launched the final part of our app, offline (agent) verification, which, together with the previously introduced online self-verification, makes our KYC product the most comprehensive on the market. No matter what level of verification is required of a user, our app is the only thing he needs.”

The conferences will not only give KYC.LEGAL the opportunity to present its innovative product to the public, but also the chance to inform them of its initial coin offering that is in progress. The company’s ICO began in late November, and trading is currently in full swing. That is why the team’s American agenda includes meetings with potential token buyers and the representatives of major institutional players on the cryptocurrency market.