Luckily, Governments Can Now Come Together with KROPS

We’re going to ask you to use your imaginations for a moment. Truthfully, you don’t have to imagine this scenario—because world hunger is very real and this is happening in many countries all over the world as we speak—but here goes:

There’s a government desperately searching for food resources for its people. This country isn’t in dire straits financially, either. The problem is, however, they have no way of connecting with enough food producers to feed their people.

This is the situation for many countries; countries that neighbor other countries with thousands of farmers. In fact, our country in question has thousands of farmers already—living and dwelling within its own countryside. But, due to lack of access to communication, trading and financial institutions, these farmers, and their resources may as well not exist at all.

But, they’re needed more than ever before. By 2050, our planet will need to up its food production by 70%.

Sound alarming? It is. But right now, one new cryptocurrency, company and app developer is changing the world—and ending world hunger: KROPS.

The KROPS app is empowering farmers all over the world to, for the first time, run the agriculture and farming businesses like actual farming businesses—with access to actual merchants, financial resources, and an even playing field in which to trade commodities.

That’s the app—and it’s performing fantastically already. KROPS launched in January of 2017 in the Philippines. In that first month, 9 transactions were made for a total of $1,200 USD. By March, the app had 3,000 users registered, $16.7M in transactions as of December, and a total of 100M USD in product inventory. October 2017 saw 4.2M transact—in just one month. Today, the users have doubled and the total product has tripled. That’s an upward trajectory and unprecedented rise.

For investors, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only build wealth, but you can partake in an altruistic mission that is set to improve the quality of life for all of humanity.

Investors? Ah—Here’s the most important part about KROPS: the ICO. You see, the KROPS cryptocurrency is what’s powering transactions by providing a baseline currency for farmers across the globe. Now, we’re not allowed to give investing advice, but here’s a treat for you. You’ve been told to invest in necessities, right? Well, how would like to invest in the access to food? People are going to be needing food for a long time—probably.

If you invest in KROPS, you will officially own a piece of the KROPS company. Imagine if you were able to purchase a piece of Amazon before 2000. 2018 is already set to see the value of KROPS tokens explode.

Let’s switch back to our government, who, before the advent of KROPS, was desperately trying to find famers to facilitate trades for food sources.

Right now, there are 570 million farms worldwide, with 80% of the world’s food being produced by family farms, and 38% of land on the Earth is used for agricultural purposes. You rarely see anything like that anywhere else in the world. This massive impact is responsible for 3.2 Trillion—or 6.3% of the Gross World Product.

With the KROPS app, this government, as a buyer, has access to every farmer in the world—and finally, all the men, women and children who would otherwise go hungry, are now saved.

Get involved with the movement today, and invest in one of the most value-driven missions in human history. To learn more about the KROPS ICO, go online to