Kodak used to be the world leader in camera and camera films before the digital wave tumbled it down to bankruptcy. With effort to regain its market, Kodak announced its presence in the crypto-currency and block-chain market by launching KodakCoin.

Should you go for it?

Meant for upgrading the intellectual property rights of the photographers on the digital platform, it has captured everyone’s imagination. Photographers have long endured the pain of under-paid works along with the agony of unscrupulous use of the photographs across various digital platforms.

How does it benefit one?

With KodakCoins, photographers can get their works licensed. Also, they can accept the payments digitally. Along with that, this block chain technology will look out for unregistered use of images on various digital platforms. Photographers will now be able to assert proper control over their work through this revolutionary idea. Earlier, it used to be tough for them to claim royalty on subsequent uses once they made a deal.

The buyers used to pay for a single deal but exploited the image for many projects. You can very easily find the works of famous photographers online and you can use them too! One cannot sue you over the copyright issues because there has not existed any on the digital front yet. Photographers used to get a very small sum for something that helped that particular firm’s image! But not anymore.

These creative artists can now demand for proper compensation and can assert copyright just like the writers do. This will ensure that people take their work as an original piece of art and not just some camera clicking. After all, they invest years to get that perfect photography skills and it is unfair to pay them for a single use but then use the work on multiple occasions.

What’s in it if you love cryptocurrencies?

There thing with Kodak coin is that you know you’ve it offered from a credible leader. You know that what they have to offer is something that can work in the longer run. And you know that it’s a bet you can take risk on. Given all of that, Kodak coin does seem a good bet especially since there really aren’t any photos finance alternatives like it down there.

The effects in the longer run

If Kodak does strike gild, you have a lot to look forward to.

With Kodak aiming to democratize photography and help photographers to get the right compensation, KodakCoin is surely going to turn the tables in the international market. Photographers will now be able to claim higher packages for repeated use of their work and this crypto-currency will ensure hassle free payments to them.

With KodakCoin, Kodak aims to set its foothold in the field once it was the king albeit in the non-digital front. The market shares of Kodak have already reached the all time high since it came out of bankruptcy.

Photographers have pinned their hopes high on this unique crypto-currency that solely aims to revolutionize the way their works are priced and seen as an intellectual property.