The Jibrel Network is busy bridging the gap between traditional financial assets with its established infrastructure and the emerging cryptocurrency economy and blockchain technology. It will be the first decentralized platform for ‘tokenizing’ a range of traditional investment assets including currencies, bonds, equity shares and commodities. Making use of the Ethereum blockchain and its advanced capabilities, it will allow investors to store, send & receive, and exchange these traditional financial assets for much lower fees than conventional methods.

The platform launched earlier this year, and has already secured early funding worth more than $4 million from big players including TaaS Fund, Tech Squared, Aurora Partners, and Arabian Chain during a presale in September 2017.

Crypto Depository Receipts and Smart Regulations

The tokenized assets within the Jibrel Network are known as Crypto Depository Receipts, or ‘CryDRs’. They are ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain which represent the value of an asset; they do this by holding the appropriate value of the internal Jibrel Network Token (JNT). For example, each USD CryDR holds $1 worth of JNT.

By making full use of Ethereum’s smart contract features, asset tokens are able to embed regulation compliance within the rules which govern their behaviour. This translation of real world rules into solidity code enforced by the entire Ethereum network ensures KYC and AML compliance without sacrificing decentralization and is known as ‘smart regulation’.

The maiden product

The project’s first commercial product is jWallet, which was launched in November 2017. It is an enterprise grade cryptocurrency wallet designed to be reliable, user-friendly and with the best possible security.


The Jibrel Network token (JNT) is being made available for public purchase during an ICO token sale which will run until 26th January 2018.

The total supply of JNT tokens which will be available to buy is 120 million, with a price of $0.25 USD. This means that there is a maximum cap on the amount of money which can be raised during the ICO at $30 million USD. There is a minimum purchase amount of $50, and also a maximum purchase limit of $850,000 to prevent a single investor dominating the market.

If you buy JNT tokens directly from the crowdsale site you can choose to use either ETH or BTC. Investors preferring to use fiat to make a purchase can go through Bitcoin Suisse, where CHF, USD, EUR, GBP, DKK and SGD are accepted for payments.

To participate in this token sale, please visit the dedicated token sale websites below: