A new start up company called Lucyd is developing what it claims will be the first ever comfortable, wearable smartglasses. Backing up this bold claim is software powered by a blockchain based economy for apps and ‘augmented reality’ (AR) content, and hardware built on patents developed by a leading academic in the field of optics.

Bringing all of this together into a finished product is an impressive team of experienced engineers, businesspeople and science advisors.

Here is a roundup of what we can expect from the Lucyd glasses when they go on sale in early 2019:


Unlike previous smartglasses which have failed to gain widespread use, the Lucyd Lens device looks and feels very much like an ordinary pair of spectacles. This is enabled through a suite of 13 synergistic optics patents developed by Dr. Jannick Rolland at the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida. Dr Rolland herself has joined the Lucyd team as a science advisor to oversee implementation of her work.

This means that the central optical system to be used in the Lucyd device has already been designed and can go into development immediately following the project’s token presale which begins on the 17th October.

Notable features of the hardware device include:

  • Power off and on by folding and unfolding
  • Extra wide 120° field of enhanced vision
  • Bone-conducting speakers embedded flush into the stems
  • Discreet front camera
  • Can be outfitted with corrective lenses
  • Advanced eye tracking
  • Microphone mounted in rim for voice control and calling
  • Next-gen LCD microdisplays for HD visuals
  • Wireless charging
  • Sleek form factor with no buttons, switches or wires

Operating System

An early preview of the user interface

The Lucyd glasses connect to your smartphone through a companion app. Your phone then provides its computing power, acting as the motherboard and cellular modem for the Lens.

The user interface is provided by a custom operating system called Logyc OS. This simple tablet-like AR interface will be compatible with existing smartphone content and apps as well as providing native AR content accessed entirely within the Lens.

In addition to providing a selection of essential apps, Lucyd will come with dev kits providing independent developers with everything they need to produce their own apps.

Blockchain Enabled AR

A worldwide augmented reality app ecosystem harnessing the power of the blockchain will allow anyone to contribute to the development of Lucyd and be rewarded for their work based on community appraisal. These rewards would be paid in the LCD token based on user ratings and would be on top of traditional app revenue.

Users will also be able to earn LCD rewards for contributions including beta testing, rating and reviews, participating in promotions and bounties or accepting advertising.

By running this internal economy on the LCD cryptocurrency all concerns and costs related to compliance and dealing with different fiat currencies and payment infrastructures are negated.

LCD can also be used to make peer-to-peer payments to anywhere in the world in an easy and efficient manner, for in-glasses shopping, for buying things in brick and mortar stores using RFID, and for purchasing the device itself.

For more information about the Lucyd Lens and LCD token presale visit:

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