Time waits for no one, and neither does technological advancement cut any slack for anyone that is not ready to embrace its searing charge through history. Apart from Artificial Intelligence, the blockchain technology, and Robotics, the other big technological domain that is set to explode in the next few years ushering a new way of doing things in every aspect of our lives is the Internet of Things (IoT). Quite simply this is the sum total of all sensors and devices that are connected to the internet which are able to connect and communicate with one another without human interference. It is estimated that by 2020 IoT-enabled devices will outnumber the human population by a factor of 3 to 1, a great change ahead of us that no serious business can afford to ignore.

Despite the imminent explosion in the IoT industry, currently only big multinational companies with endless resources are able to capitalize on the treasure trove of data generated by IoT devices all over the world and use them to their advantage. At present, it is just beyond the reach of a small business owner to position their business in a way that it can also benefit from raw and processed data in what will be foremost source of information in the century ahead. Without information and the proper use of it, businesses wither and die, and this is where the NUZDAH platform, a blockchain based startup comes in.

IoT For Everyone

NUZDAH is a platform that was conceived by consummate IT professionals with over 15 years experience at the highest levels of the industry, which seeks to make the access of IT solutions software and data, as affordable and as accessible for every small business owner in the world. NUZDAH is a platform that will break down the barriers that presently prevent small business owners from the ability to access the latest and most important data from IoT sensors spread all over the world by eliminating any need for huge investments or having to hire permanent IT staff on their shoestring budgets. From the power grids across the world to our modern factories, and even our fridges and Smart TVs at home, IoT is a fact of life that no business can afford to ignore or not put to use. The NUZDAH platform is one that was created with the aim of making this access as seamless, hassle-free and pocket-friendly that small business owners can easily put it to use to grow their ventures.


From among its cutting-edge tools to allow it deliver what it sets out to do, NUZDAH created what is known is the NodeCM.io app hosted on the open-source project NODE-RED. The NUZDAH platform through its creation of the NodeCM.io aims to further simplify the use of this app by adopting SAAS application. This will allow users to connect devices through the Amazon Web Service (AWS). The adoption of SAAS application will allow for the management and use of NodeCM.io instances to create data, data analysis and workflow integrations with external dashboards.

The NUZDAH platform seeks to focus on visual hardware Integration.  Its goal has always and would always be to provide software solutions that do not necessarily need writing of any code, integration of an advanced real-time dashboard, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence Logic.

For a period of six months, NodeCM.IO has seen an increase in downloads from 24,000 to over 40,000. This reveals that more and more people in the IT industry, programmers and non-programmers are taking full advantage of this application in the creation and management of workflow data.

By crashing down the threshold of what is needed to access the best and most useful data across the world. NUZDAH and its team of visionary founders hope that small businesses spread around the world will have a fighting chance of competing against the household names.