deep-web-catsSo you have decided to explore the dark corners of the deep web? Well, once you have everything set up (see How to Access the Deep Web if you haven’t) you will soon find that actually navigating your way around to find what you want is not quite as easy as you are probably accustomed to.

The very definition of the deep web is that it contains all of those hidden websites that you won’t find in the Google search results. But because most people use services like Google to find what they are looking for this may well leave you scratching your head and wondering how you find all those hidden websites.

In actual fact it really isn’t that hard to find your way around. Since most people are accustomed to finding the things that they want on the regular internet using a search engine, perhaps the best way to get started is by using a search engine for hidden services. This works just the same way as a regular search engine like Google, but instead of searching the ‘clear web’ (the name deep web users often give to regular internet sites) it searches exclusively for hidden services on the TOR network.

Many people also use directory sites or link lists. The most famous example of this is ‘The Hidden Wiki’. There are many different version of the Hidden Wiki out there, sometimes known as ‘mirror sites’ Often these will be exact copies with the same links, but sometimes they are different. Using one of these sites can be fun, but beware – they often feature some of the very worst of the deep web, and many of the sites listed on them will be scams. Famously, almost every Hidden Wiki site has a link to a ‘hit man’ service, for example, but before you condemn the deep web as dangerous and disgusted – these are fake listings designed to scam people (after all, you’re not going to go to the police to complain that you paid a hit man and they didn’t provide the service, which makes this a very easy and effective scam for the owners of Hidden Wiki sites. You will also find lots of dead links to non-existent to offline services. If you fancy a few shocks and don’t mind being carefully then you can go here to view one of the more prominent versions of the Hidden Wiki: http://thwikihlbdf6eyop.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page.

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