black-friday-thanksgiving-memeBitcoin offers many varied advantages to its users and to society as a whole, from the creation of a fairer economic system to enhanced privacy and security to the use of advanced tools like smart contracts. But at this time of the year, all of that pales in comparison to just one overarching priority: cheap prices and discount offers.

Fortunately this is another area in which digital currency excels. By offering lower payment processing fees and other advantages to merchants, Bitcoin empowers retailers to provide shoppers with the cheapest discount pricing possible.

Whether you are looking for the best bitcoin deals for Black Friday so that you can get your Christmas shopping done for less, or if the holiday season has come and gone and you are just looking for the best way to pick up a bargain using BTC, this page will introduce you to some of the best tools and websites to help you out.

Black Friday Bitcoin Deals

black friday online shoppingBlack Friday and its digital equivalent ‘Cyber Monday’ have become truly infamous, not only for vast numbers of consumers whose retail rush have made these the busiest shopping says of the year, but also for the legendary discounts offered by stores hoping to attract the attention of these vast crowds.

Each year since 2012 one website has sought to gather together all of the deals and discounts available to shoppers paying with bitcoin, creating a single repository of information for finding best bargains in BTC. This year (2015) is doing things a little differently. If you register on the site with your email they will send you three waves of special offers, as well as some top tips and tricks, starting on November 20th and running up to the day itself on 27th November, when they will publish their full list of merchants.

Coupons & Perennial Discounts

black-friday-logic-memeIt is important to remember at this time of year that with bitcoin, cheap prices aren’t just for Christmas. There are loads of places you can go to grab yourself a bargain all year round.

For example, you can use to get 5% or more taken off the price at major internet retailers like Amazon when you pay with bitcoin, or a site like Gyft which lets you buy gift cards from many famous stores and pays you 3% cashback when you buy with BTC.

You can also use find a list of the latest coupons and deals on the EnjoyBitcoins website.

Looking for Something Specific?

If you have your heart set on a specific item then you may like to take a look at the bitcoin shopping search engine over at, which lets you search through the stock of 1000s of stores that accept digital currency payments, to find what you are looking for and pay with your currency of choice.

Want to Cheat?

More adventurous shoppers looking to pick up a fake designer handbag or Rolex watch may even like to delve into the internet’s black market to bag themselves a somewhat shady but undoubtedly cheap bargain. Check out our article on how to buy stuff from dark markets for a complete beginner’s guide.