Graft is a new blockchain business focused on solving the current problems associated with using cryptocurrency for shopping, and on building dedicated point-of-sale solutions. Graft technology will make it easier for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies alongside fiat, while at the same time eliminating the high fees faced by many cryptocurrency holders which prevent them from spending their preferred currency choice while shopping.

The Graft blockchain’s main net went live on 16 January 2018, ahead of schedule and prior to the beginning of the project’s initial coin sale, or ‘ICO’, which started on January 18th.

Solving the problems with cryptocurrency payments

Perhaps the biggest obstacle facing cryptocurrency today is the relatively small number of people using them as payment systems. Bitcoin, with its large userbase and well developed ecosystem of services, is today used almost entirely as a ‘store of value’; very few people are actually using it to make payments and purchase products due to the high fees. Other major projects face similar challenges, while smaller coins face difficulties building out infrastructure and encouraging merchants to integrate them.

The solution presented by Graft will allow merchants to accept both their local fiat currency and any cryptocurrency. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for business to accept these payments, not only online but also at the point of sale in physical stores, without needing to change the way they usually operate or to retrain people to use a completely novel system.

On the other side of the transaction, the Graft wallet will empower consumers to make use of cryptocurrency payments as easily as they would use a debit card or mobile wallet. There is no fee for using this wallet. Transaction fees on the Graft blockchain network itself are expected to be significantly lower than the major blockchains, and will be determined in a predictable way according to the amount of money your are sending rather than network load and data use as is the case for Bitcoin.


Graft is raising capital at the moment via an ICO crowdsale. The sale began on 18th January and will run for one month, ending on 18th February 2018. There is an early bird discount of 10% which is active until 20th January. There are also volume bonuses available throughout the sale.

You can contribute to the ICO using either BTC or ETH and receive ‘GRF’ tokens in return.

A hard cap of $25,000,000 has been put in place to limit the maximum amount which can be raised.

Further Information

To learn more about how Graft technology works, and to participate in the ICO, please take a look at the following links:


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