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GNation is ecosystem that brings together and unites 2.4 billion gamers all around the world. The founders of GNation have serious intentions to build a special ecosystem. There are no limitations of entering the system, no gender, language or race criteria regulating the quickly growing society.

GNation focuses on creating the ecosystem for the international gaming community. The mission of it is to support every gamer in his passion, to give game creators the full right for managing their games and let everyone see how games can positively influence the world and make it a better place.

GNation’s history

The history of GNation dates back to 2004 when Sergey Sholom founded Datcroft Games after receiving a Ph.D. in mathematical modeling.

On his LinkedIn profile Sergey Sholom describes himself as a professional and passionate gamer. Being an expert in online gaming industry Sergey tends to improve things and reduce mistakes by applying digital assets to the running business. The team consists of almost 200 people working on the project from all over the world. 90 % of the team are games developers that allow the community to perform on a high security level.

GNation is an ecosystem where creators’ visions meet clients’ intentions. It supports and encourages gamers to be successful and make money while playing games. GNation has recently announced two fresh items that allowed gamers get stronger endorsement.

What is GShare?

The first product GShare gives clients the possibility to exchange their PC power for the internal credits. GShare is a desktop application that helps make a revenue stream from gamers’ computers. It uses CPU or GPU to enable the calculations utilized for transaction verification. A gamer just need to download the program and leave the rest to GShare. Credits saved by these operations can be spent in GPlay, GNation’s app, or for purchasing the in-game items.

What is GPlay?

The second product — GPlay — allows innovative monetization options as well. Gamers can call and hold the competitions with prizes and awards or arrange battles with play bonus system. Money made for published games are available in fiat.


GNation is collaborating closely with a number of leading companies including comprising IBM, Microsoft, ESL, Xsolla, etc. For instance, MobileGO makes the Revolution in the gaming and crypto industry! This will become a New Bitcoin thanks to the massive adoption by 500,000,000 + Xsolla users all over the world.

GNation also has a partnership with the United Nations Organization to work on a process of involving the community of gamers and game creators to stand by the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Together with its partners GNation will leverage significant resources and new technologies to address the evolving online gaming ecosystem, accelerate and intensify its development missions.

The GNation team has established itself as a trustworthy organization for promoting and supporting game developers. All that money game creators and gamers make go directly to them as a proof of work they are doing. New technologies and ways of producing and expanding will products will regulate only the games and in-game items, but not the system, rules of entering the platform or mission of GNation.

What about perspective for investors of GNation and MobileGO?

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