When you hear the word “search engine”, you would probably think of Google and nothing else. Nowadays, Google is probably your best friend when it comes to getting quick and simple answers, and you probably noticed the amount of time you spend on Google searches. Well, say hello to SearchTrade.com, the site that rewards you a tiny bit of Bitcoin just for doing what you do best, searching for answers.

What is searchtrade?

Have you ever noticed the occasional ads on the side or close to your searches on a search engine? Well, search engines like Google or Bing use your searches to deliver ad views to advertisers and then get paid meaning that only the search engine gets all the revenue. SearchTrade thought about it and decided to change up the way users use search engines by paying users to search with the ad revenue searchtrade generates from selling ads to advertisers. In the end, all parties get a share of the ad revenue.

SearchTrade uses search engines such as Google or video search engines such as Youtube or Dailymotion to maximize the amount possible search results for each search. Whether you want to find something on Amazon, SearchTrade allows you to earn just to find a product.

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What is the pay-per-search?

At 0.00000100 BTC per search and a maximum of 40 searches, that is 0.00004 everyday which is about $0.01 USD. At this rate, if you search everyday for a month, you could get around $0.30 which is a decent payout compared to other faucets that have hourly claims and no other interesting features that could improve the progress you make each day.

Interestingly, there are also 2 more options that could increase your earnings. One way is to buy keywords and everytime your keyword is used in a search, you get paid an amount of Bitcoin. Keyword owners can even trade and sell their keywords with other keyword owners online and the value of each keyword is practically determined by the amount of times it is searched. For example, if I bought the word “potato” for 0.97 BTC and my keyword is in 5000 searches per day, I can resell my keyword for more than I bought it for if someone else sees a keyword mining opportunity in the word “potato”. The last way to earn more is mainly targeted at developers and it is called “App Mining”. SearchTrade has their own API for developers to integrate the search engine in their apps and pay developers every time users use the third-party app to make a search. If your app goes viral, that means that you will earn more so start developing!

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If you want to stop wasting your time, check it out:  http://www.searchtrade.com

So far SearchTrade has released its search engine but is still in the process of bringing all its features online. The overall website works but you might experience various changes as they keep implementing new stuff. If you have any trouble whatsoever while using SearchTrade, feel free to contact them at: contact@searchtrade.com or use the floating blue help button at the lower right-hand corner and they will get back to you as soon as they can.