Everyone Has Phone – Everyone Can Make an Extra $300 a Month.

One of the hottest topics thrown around the political stratosphere right now is the concept of global basic income.

GPI has the power to revolutionize consumerism, leverage the poor out of poverty, and create an equal playing field in which all citizens across the world have a chance to achieve their dreams.

At the same time, innovators and movers and shakers are creating and appropriating technologies to help accelerate the momentum towards global basic income. At the forefront of this watershed movement is BirdChain—a company helping monetize unused SMS messaging plans.

Right now, BirdChain has an ICO launching on November 18th, which will be used to leverage app development. More on that in a moment.

BirdChain uses block chain technology with a proprietary messaging app to let consumers with unlimited monthly SMS messaging plans share their extra unused data with other consumers seeking more affordable methods of SMS messaging. If you have a mobile phone number and unused SMS potential, you could make between $30 and $300 in extra income per month—without having to do a thing.

The innovators behind BirdChain have been operating in the A2P and SMS markets for almost 10 years. Today, it’s time to utilize the emergence of block chain technology and all the messaging data floating around across the market.

After all, the major service providers, who control the world of SMS messaging, value this market at $60 billion per year. If that’s not low hanging money that can be appropriated to leverage global basic income, then what is?

It’s time to create a better, more utopian world. Everyone already has a mobile phone with SMS messaging—and BirdChain will be able to impact the financial stability for millions upon millions of families.

With a successful ICO, starting on November 18th, we can all come together to make global basic income a reality. To learn more about how you can get involved with BirdChain, go online to birdchain.io, today!