Getting into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can be a complicated and time-consuming task for beginners. Personally, I think that this is one of the big reasons that we haven’t seen higher levels of adoption, as the commitment of time and effort to go from casually interested to actively involved puts off a lot of people. So I am always interested in initiatives which have a chance of reducing this barrier and introducing more people to crypto.

The Bitcoin Australia website seems to be one such initiative. It is essentially a kind of ‘one stop shop’ with a variety of services under one roof. The three main elements of this are:

A simple but flexible Bitcoin exchange

An education centre to teach people about Bitcoin and blockchain technology

A news desk for keeping up with the latest developments for BTC and also other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum

In reviewing the site and its services I came to the conclusion that this is an excellent place for beginner’s and casual users. More experienced and committed users may still find some useful information in the education section, which includes intermediate and advanced topics as well as the basic beginner guides, but aside from that may be happier using a range of other more specialized services. But if I had a friend in Australia who was interested in learning more about Bitcoin this is definitely where I would tell them to go to get started.

Having good quality information about topics like choosing and using a wallet in the same place that you can buy your first Bitcoin and also read the latest news to decide if now is the right time to jump on board seems great to me. I was especially impressed by the range of different options for buying Bitcoin, which include not only various forms of electronic fund transfer but also two different options for paying cash: either at a newsagent or over the counter at a bank. It is also very simple to use, which is a massive bonus for beginners.

In addition to this there are also different options for people looking to make an investment in cryptocurrency rather than buy it to use, such as a licensed crypto fund. An over the counter trading desk and ‘crypto superannuation’ round out the investment offerings.

The quality of the information provided by the site is good, and the news stories are interesting, informative and relevant. You can also subscribe to an email newsletter for the latest stories, and get access to special offers as a reward. Overall I was impressed by the site and its services and would recommend it, especially for beginners but also for some more experienced users.