DropDeck is a business funding platform focused on fast growing companies and operating on a global scale. It will offer both royalty financing, in which investors have the opportunity to contribute to a business in return for a share in the profits from its success, and also debt financing, in which investors may lend capital to the company and earn interest with the repayments.

Businesses seeking funding are exhaustively scored and ranked, with information and research presented in a streamlined three level interface. This whole process makes use of a token-incentivized mechanism for evaluation and funding, and a smart contract based blockchain foundation.

On November 21st 2017 DropDeck will launch an ICO token sale to raise funds for the development and marketing of this business funding platform.

The DropDeck evaluation process

To help investors find the best high growth startups and SMEs, and to minimize risks to their capital, DropDeck will use a combination of artificial intelligence, crowdsourced evaluations, and the personal trust circles of participants to screen, rank and score investment opportunities. It will be the first platform to combine AI applications with blockchain features and the crowdsourced wisdom which that enables in order to improve the quality and integrity of ranking and scoring companies seeking funding.

Smart contracts connect hunters (who find and introduce companies seeking funding), evaluators (who contribute to ranking and scores), investors and companies in a transparent manner with automated allocation of funds. Each campaign is scored on trust level and potential for profit, and interested investors can also pay to view the research behind a company’s score in detail.

To make using the platform as easy as possible for investors, and to minimize wasted time, this information is presented in a three layer funnel design, featuring home, deck and claim pages.

The DropDeck ICO

The whole DropDeck system is powered by its native ‘DDD’ token. This token is used by funders to make investments, and to reward hunters and evaluators. Because of its use within the platform it is not classified as a security (like a company share), but yet usage of the platform increases demand for the token and therefore increases its value.

Half of the total supply of DDD tokens will be made available for sale, with the ICO crowdsale beginning on 21st November 2017. The other half will be split between founders, advisors, early backers, crowdsale bounties / rewards and a reserve fund for the company itself.

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