The automotive industry should definitely change its attitude towards innovation. An example is how mobile technology market is developing. Thousands and millions of new mobile applications and software updates are created every day on the basis of existing hardware, providing users with more and more new features. Users are already accustomed to this and naturally expect that their devices will be updated periodically without additional requests. Thus, the devices themselves are updated relatively quickly. The typical cycle here is 1-2 years.


Today, car owners have the ability to update custom software on their cars’ on-board computers, but they do so by downloading apps first to their phones. These applications are however provided not by the car manufacturers themselves, but by third-party developers, IT outsourcing companies, such as the Intellias Company.


Today Intellias customers are known all over the world for business, such as Playbuzz, CRX Markets and others. Intellias received recognition in two ratings from Clutch: “103 companies-world leaders among web developers and software developers 2017” and “56 most recommended companies in the world”. Intellias competed with more than 475 companies in the world, which are engaged in providing services in 6 different industries for obtaining positions in these rankings.

Intellias is involved in the development of cloud solutions for dynamic collection and exchange of cartographic data on the basis of IOT, in the development of SDK for automotive navigation, real-time traffic information processing system, libraries for routing, geolocation coding and search. It is also engaged in 3D-rendering, that is, visualization of three-dimensional custom mapping solutions.

The software, which is partially done by the development company for its customers, is installed in many new luxury vehicles, and offers drivers the most convenient and effective experience of connected car services It allows you to create routes and sync them with the car via mobile application, to optimize the route according to situation on the roads or the weather conditions, also to find quickly parking spaces, etc. The decisions, over which the team of Intellias works, are widely used and accepted by leading automakers.

One of the new interesting projects is the navigation system for drones, which can be called the atlas of the sky for drones. Intellias and the specialists on the customer’s side are developing software – services that allow owners of drones to manage them, while choosing an unimpeded route.

In general, if we talk about the industry, Intellias is working in such areas:

  • Automotive;
  • GIS / Location-based services / Navigation;
  • Facility & Energy management, Edutech, Fintech.

Perhaps one of the most notable trends in the automotive connected car industry in recent years is the development of software. The creation of a modern car is already unthinkable without the help of programmers. Modern cars with internal combustion engines are equipped with a variety of computer chips that control different systems, from air conditioning to automatic transmission. In fact, the issue of integrating all these software tools within a single machine is a heated debate in traditional automotive companies, given the fact that this is not their based specialization. In addition, the very idea of car software will be changed dramatically in the future.