Snovio is a blockchain based platform that aims to overcome the main challenges of any business searching for high quality leads and other data. It combines a global marketplace for data with a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model for relevant additional services. The whole thing is powered by Snov tokens, that are available for purchase during the ICO starting on 31st October 2017.

Crowdsourcing Data

The Snovio platform will be open to thousands of data suppliers from around the world. In return for seeding and updating the database of contacts, these data suppliers will be rewarded with Snov tokens. Thanks to the use of smart contract, data suppliers will receive the reward automatically whenever a customer purchases data. Thereby the platform will guarantee a transparent and fair model for distribution of revenue.

The process of importing data and keeping records up to date will become much easier thanks to browser extension, allowing for efficient work completed by data suppliers.

Marketplace & Contact Search

When fully developed, the Snovio platform will become an entirely open, global, and decentralized source of precious leads along with a marketplace for data supply orders functioning on blockchain and smart contract.

Business users will be able to search the contact database in order to find leads that perfectly fit their criteria – no matter who or what they are looking for. They will then be able to purchase this data for Snov tokens.

In cases where the precise requirements for a campaign cannot be fulfilled simply by searching the existing database, Snovio customers will be able to post ‘wanted’ ads with token rewards for professional data collectors able to fill the requirements. Multiple workers can take on one of these jobs, and get paid out proportionally according to their personal contribution.

Every transaction within Snovio platform and its marketplace will make use of smart contract and will be recorded on the blockchain.

Additional Business Services

In addition to lead sourcing and marketplace features, Snovio will also offer other business-related services.

The primary service under this category is a mailing service. It will save time and money on transferring data around and maintaining multiple accounts, as Snovio customers will be able to search for and purchase leads and then launch email campaign to these leads all from the same location.

Ensuring that data is up-to-date, an email verifier will remove invalid addresses from client lists, with an accuracy of 98.5%                

Snovio also provides its customers with such features as Domain Search, Bulk Domain Search and Company Search.

ICO Crowdsale

Sixty percent of the total supply of 2.5 billion tokens will be sold to investors during an ICO.

With an initial price of $0.01 USD, there is a hard cap of $15 million to be raised during the ICO.

The sale will begin on 31st October and will run until 30th November 2017 or till all the tokens are sold out.

For more information and to take part in the ICO please visit: