DECENT is a new decentralized media platform due to launch early next year.

The DECENT software sale begins in just a few days from when I write this article, on September 10th 2016. This crowdsale, or ‘ICO’ as they are sometimes known, will provide the non-profit foundation behind the network with the funds needed to develop the core protocol as well as a suite of apps, tools and products built on top of it. It will also offer Bitcoin and Ether holders the opportunity to invest in the future of media.

In this article I take a deeper look at what the money will be used for and what we can expect the future to hold for the DECENT network. The roadmap described below includes estimated dates, but as with all software projects these dates are estimates only and may be subject to change.

Milestone 1: Q1-Q2 2017

The initial launch of the DECENT network is scheduled to take place in the first half of 2017. The fundamental features of the network necessary for the decentralized publishing and distribution of various types of media will already be available within this ‘DECENT-Core’ release. These include things like blockchain payments for buying premium content or tipping creators, and a recommendation and ratings system for publishers to show they can be trusted to provide quality content.

In addition to this, various APIs will be available for use by developers wishing to build their own apps on top of the network, and the tokens sold during the software sale will be live on their own blockchain and available for trading on exchanges.

Although the initial release will already feature a complete end product, extensively tested for security and performance, the core network will be subject to continuous development even after this initial period. New versions of the core software are expected to be released every 6 months.

Milestone 2: Q3-Q4 2017

Following the initial release the team will shift focus to the creation of multiple apps and GUIs built on top of the core protocol for specific use-cases.

The first of these is expected to be ‘DECENT-News’, penciled in for release during the second half of 2017. This newspaper / magazine app will allow anybody to publish their own news stories and other articles, create their own profile and build their own news feed. This initial app will serve as a showcase for what can be built using DECENT-Core, as well as expanding the number of users publishing and accessing content through the network.

At the same time as developing their own apps, the team plan to provide support and assistance to third party developers wishing to build their own apps during this period.

Milestone 3: 2018

With the first wave of apps already released the focus will shift again in 2018, from developers and app builders to the regular consumers who use those apps.

An app store is planned to be released during this period, providing an easy way for consumers to find exactly the media they are looking for, as well as a way for app builders to showcase their creations and find an audience.

At the same time, a range of integrations will be pursued to enhance the user experience. For example, integration into existing ebook platforms, app stores and music marketplaces will put content hosted on the DECENT network in front of a wider range of shoppers. Integration with Smart TVs will offer additional ways for users to discover and consume content. For security, the Hideez hardware wallet / password manager will provide a dedicated device for storing your private keys for accessing the network, secured by advanced features such as iris recognition.

Also during this period, the DECENT-Vote app will bring community involvement into the development process, allowing people to submit and vote on potential new feature additions and other changes to the network.

Milestone 4: 2018-2019

At this stage the main focus of development will shift from the software itself to the creation of a Plug&Play USBHDMI device called ‘DECENT-Stream’. This device will plug in to any smart TV and allow its owner instant easy access to stream and watch any content from the DECENT network.

Bonuses are being offered to early participants in the crowdsale, so if you are thinking about getting involved make sure you don’t miss out on these. More info can be found here: