Digital currency is becoming better known to the general public, and more and more companies are considering paying salaries in Bitcoin. Through business ventures or mining, you’ve built a sizable amount of wealth in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and now is the time to spend that money.

Select companies are making luxury items available via Bitcoin. Some people have pre-ordered Tesla 3 cars with Bitcoins. One company offers Rolex watches that can be bought with Bitcoins, and another will let you buy a residential sanctuary on a quiet island in the Pacific.

You can purchase these products and other exotic items from very specialized sites that accept Bitcoin payments. In fact, almost every week there is another article along the lines of  “Twenty things you didn’t know you could buy with Bitcoin”. The sites referenced in these articles offer up all sorts of fascinating items that are available for purchase using cryptocurrencies.

But what about simple things? What if you just want to buy groceries for your apartment? Gas for your car? Clothes for your children? Food for your pets? Or what if you just want to pay a bill, buy dinner in a restaurant, or get some cash? You’re probably out of luck.

Making everyday purchases or getting cash from cryptocurrency wallets is not easy or straightforward. Up to now, there have only been limited cases where these types of transactions were possible. In most of these cases, the process of using the value of a Bitcoin wallet for a purchase or for getting cash is complex, slow, and incurs many fees. Or you need to resort to some convoluted way to get better access to your Bitcoin balances for traditional purchases and bill payments. For example, some firms let you buy gift cards with your Bitcoins.

Nebeus Crypto Bank is changing that.

Opening Access to Bitcoin

Nebeus Crypto Bank brings together cryptocurrency opportunities and a standard bank service. Its Nebeus trading platform supports peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. The platform enables customers to trade, store, remit, lend, borrow, and spend cryptocurrency funds. 

Nebeus Crypto Bank provides a debit card to ease the conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, and allows users to spend their cryptocurrency anywhere where major debit cards are accepted.

“The Nebeus card combines the best features of the crypto and fiat finance worlds,” said Konstantin Zaripov, Nebeus Co-Founder, and Managing Director. “As such, it bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, offering users a convenient and hassle-free means of transitioning between the two”.

Specifically, the debit card lets investors easily use their cryptocurrency balance for regular purchases. The card allows holders of cryptocurrency to securely and conveniently manage all their assets in a single place.

The primary function of the Nebeus Crypto Bank debit card is to facilitate the conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currency seamlessly. This gives users an easy way to withdraw money from ATMs around the world or to make a debit card purchase.

The Nebeus card comes in two forms: Exo and Rocket. The Nebeus Exo card is the most powerful of the cards. It allows the user to withdraw up to $1,500 USD per day. There is no loading fee to top up the card in BTC or ETH, upto $5,000 USD can be added to the card balance per day, and a user can maintain an unlimited balance on the card. The Nebeus Rocket card is designed for more modest spending. It allows up to $750 USD ATM withdrawals per day and has a maximum card balance of $10,000 USD.

The card has several other convenient features which include:

  • The card can be topped up with Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • The card is accepted in over 40 million locations, and consumers across the globe can use it
  • Cash is available from 3 million ATM machines in 150 countries.
  • The Nebeus app or online platform can be used to manage the card and its assets.
  • The Nebeus card can be used in stores, for online payments, or for ATM withdrawals. As such, it can function like a regular debit card.
  • All the users’ cryptocurrencies can be stored in a Crypto Basket, so they have easy access to them.
  • Users also receive a 2% to 3% monthly cash back on their expenses in the form of NBTK tokens (Nebeus Crypto Bank Tokens), which are currently traded on YoBit Crypto Exchange.

With these features, the Nebeus Crypto Bank debit card plugs the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrencies.

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