A new app from GRAFT Blockchain is aiming to make finding cryptocurrency friendly businesses much easier, by putting them all on a single global map. Users of the CryptoFind app, which is already available on Apple and Google Play app stores, can view all of the venues in their local area which accept cryptocurrency payments in a convenient and easy to use format.

CryptoFind is based on the GRAFT’s ‘universal payment blockchain’, which connects crypto and traditional fiat payment systems with a multicurrency wallet and point of sale system for merchants. But it maps all venues which accept any cryptocurrency through any method, regardless of whether they use GRAFT Blockchain themselves.

For Crypto Holders

For anybody who owns cryptocurrency the app will provide a convenient and free way to find venues which accept their favourite coin, no matter where in the world they find themselves.

Users will also be offered the chance to help CryptoFind to build and maintain the most comprehensive database of venues and earn rewards for their work. Introducing a business to the directory will earn a reward of 100 of GRAFT Blockchain’s GRFT token as long as it is verified by the owner, while introducing a business which goes on to make use of the GRAFT Point-of-Sale system brings a 500 GRFT reward.

For Businesses

Any venture which already accepts cryptocurrency can use CryptoFind to market themselves to potential customers, who are likely to place a high value on being able to use their preferred currency.

For businesses considering making the leap to digital currency GRAFT blockchain technology will also provide them with an easy way to accept whichever coins they choose with low fees and optional settlement in their local fiat.


GRAFT blockchain is currently running an ‘Initial Coin Offering’ or ICO, in which early investors can purchase the network’s GRFT token.

This ICO will run until February 18th 2018, with a hard cap of $25 million on the funds they are seeking to raise. Interested investors can purchase tokens using BTC, ETH, XEM or USD.

For more information about GRAFT Blockchain, the role of the GRFT token within the network, and the ICO crowdsale, visit: