Quite a few different sites have popped up over the past year or so to provide free information and resources for anybody looking to invest money in the burgeoning world of ‘Initial Coin Offerings’ or ‘ICOs’. They generally revolve around an ICO list or calender which makes it quick and easy to get information about the latest upcoming investment opportunities. This kind of info is very useful for keeping up to date and making sure you don’t miss out on a good opportunity, hence the reason I’ve already reviewed one and mentioned others in my posts.

Another new site called Coinist, offering free ICO investment resources, crossed my desk this week. Based on the breadth and depth of information offered by Coinist it seems to offer more than others and may well be the best I’ve come across so far. In addition to the familiar Calender / list format, and the latest news, it also offers extensive charts, indexes and data which I haven’t seen on other sites.

ICO Calender & Directory

The calender section of Coinist allows you to view all of the latest ICOs sorted by date. You can choose to view only ongoing token sales, or only upcoming sales which have not yet started. There is also the option to select specific dates to view, and a nice extra touch is the option to view only token sales within a specific category, such as finance, games, health, media and so on.

You can also search the entire directory of projects to find anything specific you might be looking for. Each project has its own dedicated information page, with a summary of what it is all about alongside a list of important information including things like links, start and end dates, an explanation of what function the token itself fills, and the team behind the project.

Charts and Indexes

The one thing that really stands out on Coinist as being different from other sites I’ve used before is the charts, data and indexes section.

For example, on the ‘ROI’ page you can view the biggest winners and losers of the ICO world in terms of return on investment. This data can be sorted, so you can view all-time winners and losers, or the best and worst performers within a specific year. You can also search the entire directory to view the initial sale price, current price and current ROI for any token. This last part is something I find particularly useful, as this information is crucial when buying or trading tokens after their initial sale has ended and has often been a hassle for me to locate in the past.

For those of you wondering about the state of the market as a whole, you can view charts showing the biggest ICOs of all time, along with monthly or cumulative changes in the size of the market.

Another way to track the health of the overall market on Coinist is through the top 25 and top 50 indexes. These charts show the average price and market cap and trading volume of the biggest ICO tokens. A full breakdown of all the tokens included is also included underneath.

And Also…

There is a news section where you can view independent articles about the latest developments, as well as press releases written by the projects themselves. You can also enter your email to get alerts to your inbox, ensuring you never miss a token sale.

Finally, there is an upcoming ‘insiders’ service. This seems to be a paid membership option for access to in-depth resource and due diligence. Since it launches on December 15th and I’m publishing this on the 4th I can’t say much more about it, except that it will be worth keeping an eye out for.

Example of a Coinist chart showing cumulative growth in the ICO industry up to the time of publishing this article.