World cryptocurrency exchange Coineal announces new tokensale. Allbebet starts Initial exchange offering (IEO) on August 26.

There is new tokensale on Coineal Launchpad platform. The Allbebet project will hold an initial exchange offering (IEO), which will start on August 26 and will take place in two rounds. 

Allbebet is a decentralized peer-to-peer sports betting and eSports platform. Allbebet is using blockchain technology, which allows to exclude intermediaries from the betting process, which helps to restore confidence in the betting industry and minimizes the risks of fraud on betting organizers. Smart contracts for which bets are collected are guaranteed to transfer winnings to players. The platform also uses artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies and helps to make the right choice for betting with the help of forecasts and neurointellectual analytics. 

According to the consulting company H2 Gambling Capital, at the end of 2017, the betting business took fourth place after the casino, lotteries

and slot machines in offline gambling and the first – in the gaming market online. In total, the global betting business accounts for 50.8 billion euros offline and online, and this figure continues to grow annually. In terms of revenue growth in 2017, online betting surpassed offline – 8.5% against 4.1% in offline and the fastest growing segment of online gambling was mobile betting – mobile versions of betting services and applications for smartphones. 

But despite the growth and active development in online formats, the gaming industry still suffers from shortcomings inherited from the offline format. This is the problem with the return of played rates, non-transparent system of calculation of winnings and cross-border restrictions in the access to gambling services. Technical innovations, including blockchain and AI technologies, will help to save users from these risks and will contribute to the growth of online gambling. 

The first round of Allbebet tokensale on Coineal Launchpad will start at 7: 00 UTC on 26 August and will last one day to 7: 00 UTC on August 27. During the first round, 10,000,000 ALB tokens will be offered for sale at 0.00015 ETH. The second round of project Allbebet tokensale starts at 7: 00 UTC on 18 September and also last night, 7:00 UTC on September 19. During the second round, 30,000,000 ALB tokens will be offered for sale at 0.0002 ETH. Listing token on Coineal exchange would be implemented after finishing the IEO. 

During the token sale, it is planned to sell 40,000,000 ALB tokens, which is 4% of the total issue (1,000,000,000 ALB tokens).

Participants of the tokensale are offered to use bonuses intended for the first buyers and wishing to purchase large lots of ALB tokens. The first 100 participants of the IEO will be charged 2% of acquired ALB tokens number, and those who buy packages of tokens on more than 100 ETH will be assessed 5% of the amount purchased ALB. 

Coineal is one of the largest pan-Asian exchanges for digital asset management. Launched by crypto-enthusiasts in 2018, Coineal within six months entered the top ten crypto-exchanges according to CoinMarketCap.