Cash Poker Pro is a new service, currently under development, which is using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to bring a number of key advantages to the world of anonymous online poker playing. It is being built by an experienced poker software development team and is scheduled for a full launch in 2018.

Players using the Cash Poker Pro software will bet against other players using the native ‘Cash’ token, a cryptocurrency made exclusively for the game which they will be able to exchange for Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, or their local fiat money. On the day of publishing this article  (28th August 2017) there are a just 11 days left in a ‘pre-ICO’ sale during which the first of these crypto tokens will be available for purchase, following which there is expected to be a full ICO sale in the final quarter of 2017.

The Key Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency for Anonymous Online Poker

Online Poker is a massive market, but also a very competitive one. By using blockchain technology Cash Poker Pro is able to offer a few distinct advantages over other services in order to attract players.

No Trust Needed

As is the case with many blockchain based services, one of the key advantages comes with eliminating the need to trust the integrity of a service provider. In the case of online poker this manifests itself in two different ways.

Firstly, there is no need to deposit money into an account by sending it to the poker room operator. In all traditional online games this is something that you cannot avoid, and leaves you open to lose money due to the company going bust, acting fraudulently, freezing your account due to perceived breaches of the terms of service which you may not have known about or understood, and other such risks. In Cash Poker Pro smart contracts are used to enable players to take part in games without needing to deposit money to an account controlled by the poker room operator, and to guarantee that your winnings will be automatically sent to you when you finish playing.

In addition to this, the games are all ‘provably fair’, meaning that the random number generator (RNG) used to determine which cards are dealt operates in a fully transparent manner which allows anybody to check that it is working as it is supposed to work and not unfairly influencing the outcome of games.

Anonymous, Uncensored Access

Anybody wanting to play Cash Poker Pro can join a table without needing to provide documents proving their identity before they can play. Likewise, anybody can purchase, trade and store the CASH tokens in their own wallet without needing register an account and prove their identity.

In a sensitive industry such as gambling, the existence of a new type of anonymous online poker room with open access to anyone is highly valuable.

Revenue Sharing

Like most cryptocurrencies the CASH token has the potential to rise in value alongside demand, and this is expected to happen if the poker games become successful.

But in addition to this, holders of the CASH token also enjoy a sort of dividend from the fees (called a ‘rake’) charged by the platform to players. This rake, charged by all game operators, will be set at 1-5%, and 50% of this money will be distributed to investors who hold CASH tokens proportionally to the number of tokens they own.

In addition to these things, the platform will be integrated into popular services such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger, something which has not been done before and is therefore an entirely undeveloped market waiting to be exploited, and will allow anybody to create a set of poker tables within the system and make a profit.

Team & Partners

The Cash Poker Pro platform is being developed by a highly skilled team with more than 10 years experience in the gambling industry and over 3 years working specifically with online poker. They have already developed successful electronic poker tables, in addition to live casino software and other related products.

Perhaps most interestingly, they have also cultivated a range of key partners within the industry who may help them attract a large number of players from the very start. These partners are focused on Russia and surrounding nations, and include Bingo Boom, the number 1 system of its kind in Russia, and top 5 Russian betting company 1x-bet, as well as 4 other major industry titans.

Further Information

To learn more about the game itself, the CASH token, or the ICO crowdsale and how you can invest in the future of anonymous online poker rooms visit the website here: