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For a while now, there have been whispers on how blockchain will be effectively incorporated into the banking sector. For those who have been overly skeptical regarding those possibilities, Fiinu is set to quench this doubt. Fiinu is the first bank to harness blockchain technology specifically on its credit disbursement operations. Notably, the bank is focused on capturing the unbanked population as well as consumers in need of reliable and affordable credit. While in most banks one ought to endure a long process before accessing credit, Fiinu seeks to extend ad-hoc credit to various consumers.

It is important to note that the team behind Fiinu is well versed in the banking sector considering their prior experience in developing a digital banking platform from the ground up. Additionally, the team has sufficient experience in regards to risk management and the intended threshold to earn a UK-Bank license. Notably, ICO crowdfunding has become a familiar practice for startups in recent times, and one of the key qualities of any ICO is the team behind it. On this basis, Fiinu stands tall as it is backed by a team having combined expertise on various aspects and a team dedicated to its success.

Besides providing a solution for the unbanked and improving credit services, Fiinu seeks to connect its customers to various credible crypto exchanges. This is considering the bank’s intent to allow the customers to trade ETH, BTC, and FNU among other digital currencies at favorable commission charges. Additionally, Fiinu will be the first bank to offer Bank Independent Overdraft (BIO) service while leveraging Open Banking Initiative in the UK and Second Payment Service Directive (PSD2). In order to provide the customer with the best experience, Fiinu seeks to introduce smart contracts to enable credit facility backed by digital assets. FNU Pre-ICO is open now, and the ICO launches soon, and by several measures, it is a worthwhile investment. Nonetheless, the rule of caveat emptor applies.