AQuest is a new decentralized app (dapp) which will pay its users for completing small tasks or ‘quests’. On the other side of the equation, businesses will be able to use the dapp to create marketing campaigns which aQuest users will put into action for them, or perhaps to reward users and increase user retention.

As the whitepaper states:

aQuest is a unique decentralized app that pays you for completing a certain task. Simple as that.

They are currently running an initial coin offering (ICO) for their AQU token which will power the economic model underpinning the dapp. Tokens can be purchased up until the end of the sale on 9th April 2019. There is a minimum purchase requirement of just 0.1 Eth and the AQU token sale price is 0.006 Eth per AQU token. A total of 200 million tokens is being made available for buyers who wish to participate in this sale.

The AQU token is based on Ethereum, and is a utility token required for actions within the dapp, for example posting a quest for the dapp’s users to complete for you.

What are these ‘quests’?

Quests can be pretty much anything that the person posting them wants, as long as they can check whether users have genuinely completed them and they aren’t anything illegal or offensive.

Payment for these quests can be made in any Ethereum based ERC-20 token, but in the future they plan to also offer additional payment options such as PayPal or other digital currencies.

Examples of the kind of thing that might be posted as quests include:

Airdrops: free tokens given out by new projects to generate interest and an initial userbase.

Marketing bounties: rewards for sharing content, blogging about it, making videos or graphics.

Data collection: rewarding users for sharing their data and / or completing surveys

Beta testing: offering rewards for people to test out an early version of a product or service and share their feedback in order to help improve it.

User loyalty rewards: paid out for completing a certain action within a game or app.

But of course there will likely be many other types of quest available as well.

The aQuest platform

An beta release of the aQuest platform will be available for you to try out at some point this month (March 2019). At the same time, the official AQU wallet will also be launched.

With a ‘mobile first’ design philosophy and an explicit commitment to place no restrictions on membership and no KYC requirements, the aQuest app is likely to be easy to access and use for anybody who is interested in earning crypto rewards for completing simple tasks.

For app developers there is also an integration with Enkronos apps.

My Thoughts

There is a lot of competition in this area now, with lots of websites and apps offering marketplaces for small bounties and tasks such as this. But the reason there is so much competition is because there is also so much interest from crypto users (and the general public) wanting to use this kind of service.

If aQuest can differentiate itself from the competition through easy development options for businesses, user-friendliness for bounty hunters, and the wide range of planned payment options, then they have every chance to be successful.

Official website: