The Abyss is a new digital distribution and marketing platform for the gaming industry, with a special focus on free to play MMO games. With an internal economy powered by its own ABYSS cryptocurrency tokens, the project is launching an ICO token sale to raise funds for development.

It will bring together a next-generation gaming platform with a range of flexible product promotion options and analytics capabilities for developers, and motivational rewards for players.

Multilevel referral system

A range of motivational rewards mechanisms will be built into The Abyss platform to help developers promote their game while increasing revenue, and to attract and retain players, based around a multilevel referral system.

This means that players will be able to earn crypto rewards from payments and other activities such as content generation and achievements of people who they refer. But not just people who they refer directly, as this system goes 5 levels deep meaning they can also earn from people their referrals invite, and so on.

Players will also have additional opportunities to earn from monetizing in-game content that they have created and participating in in-game auctions. They will then be able to receive these rewards to their personal Ethereum wallet.

Games developers will not only be able to earn from payments within their own games, but also by referring players on to other games within the platform. They will also benefit from 5 levels of referrals. Developers will receive 70% of all payments made within their own games, with the platform itself taking the other 30%. One third of the cut taken by the platform is dedicated to the rewards system, with first level referrals earning 40% of the total available funds, the next two levels earning 20%, and the final two levels earning 10%.

Additional benefits for developers

Developers will be able to choose whether to receive their earnings in crypto or fiat, regardless of what currency was used by the player.

The use of the referral system will reduce the costs of player acquisition while increasing player retention.

In addition, developers will be given the option of launching their games in alpha or beta versions, and of raising funds for development through crowdfunding.

An internal advertising network will enable them to purchase traffic based on the CPA (cost per action) model from other games within the platform.

Meanwhile an advanced analytics system will offer developers comprehensive metrics on all stages of user behaviour within their games, including ARPU, MAU, ROI, and LTV.

The token and ICO

The ABYSS token is used extensively within the platform. In fact the majority of services will exclusively use this token, including:

  • Internal CPA-network;
  • Referral and motivational programs;
  • In-game item auction;
  • Syndicate system;
  • Reward system for content creation;
  • Funds transfer between users;

An initial presale of tokens begins on 29th November 2017 and runs until 1st December. For a minimum payment of 5 ETH participants in this initial presale can enjoy a 25% bonus in the number of tokens they receive. Following this the official ICO will run from 12th December 2017 to 24th January 2018, with a minimum payment of just 0.1 ETH and bonuses of up to 15% available for early participation.

For more information about the project, the presale and the ICO take a look at these links:

Official website