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The Cryptocoin Insurance ICO starts on November 1, 2018. It makes no sense to dwell on the things everyone knows – for example, that funds today are collected only by projects with a clear and understandable business model. Let’s consider facts only, a-la Warren Buffett. There are a couple of his quotes:

There are winning stocks on the market and they need to be found.”

The investor’s task is to acquire a share of the company, the activities of which are clear and the income of which will increase significantly from year to year, at a reasonable price.”

1.Cryptocoin Insurance solves real problems that the market faces, not some inflated problems. The main one is the lack of hedging the risks for major players. As a result, large funds stand apart from the cryptocurrency market, awaiting for a solution that is not available.

Cryptocoin Insurance provides an opportunity to insure the risks of a rapid price change without the need to terminate the position. This means that the fund is able to keep a huge position (worth tens of millions of dollars) open rather than terminate it by stop loss, with no less huge slippage. Instead, it can pay for insurance, under which (in the event of an insured event) the difference between the entry price and the point of fall will be paid. Later, the fund can hold a position for months and even years in an attempt to maximize profits, with the maximum known level of risk.

2. Cryptocoin Insurance knows how to insure its own risks against the sold insurance. This is a point where all attempts to insure the market from falling or rising fail.

The company creates its own option exchange, which currently has no competitor in the market. Up to 10 cryptocurrencies will be supported at the first stage. The insurance sold will be repackaged into options and sold on the exchange to speculators seeking to earn on a fixed premium from the option sale.

3. Cryptocoin Insurance is going to raise from $1 mln to $10 mln to launch the project. This is a relatively small amount of funds compared to the money that teams tend to raise for fairly simple platforms in technical terms or familiar cryptocurrency exchanges. With daily earnings of leading exchanges of several million dollars, there is a huge potential for future growth of the CCIN token.

4. Cryptocoin Insurance has created a simple and clear business model explaining why this token will grow. It is not about distribution of future profits, which may not even occur, or dividends that are paid again from profits, etc.

In this case, 30% of each fee that the option exchange receives will be put in the liquidity fund. Next month, CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE allocates these funds to buying CCIN tokens back from the market and burning them.

With a $50 mln daily turnover, the commission on both sides of the transaction will amount to $500,000 or $15 mln per month. 30% of this amount, or $5 mln, is sent monthly to buy CCIN tokens back from the market.

5. Cryptocoin Insurance has created a great team! There are people in charge of both technical terms and, more importantly, “option” terms in the project. In particular, Stanislav Brzhozovskiy, Head of Option Trading Department, has been dealing with options on the Moscow Stock Exchange for 20+ years. Such specialists can be counted on fingers.

It is important to note that 6 well-known advisors joined the company even before the ICO stage. This ensures that each of them has conducted a thorough examination within their competencies and decided to assist the company.

Just mark November 1 in your calendar.






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