You do not need to have a lot of money to invest in order to be a part of the blockchain revolution. In fact, even if you are completely broke you can still get involved just as long as you have a little bit of time to spare.

If that sounds like you, then please take a look at my big list of the best ways to earn cryptocurrency below, and don’t forget that you can then increase your wealth by earning interest on your bitcoin or by learning to trade cryptocurrency!

Referral Marketing

There are loads of companies out there who are willing to pay you in cryptocurrency to promote their product or service. If you have any kind of online presence this can be very lucrative. You can use social media accounts, blogs and other websites, forums and anything else you can think of to promote your referral links, just as long as you abide by the rules and don’t spam people. 

Some referral programs will pay you a small amount for every registered user you send to them, while others will pay you a percentage commission on money spent by your referrals.

Check out my article on the best Bitcoin referral programs for a list of links!

Selling your stuff

There are some great ebay alternatives out there which let you sell stuff for cryptocurrency with much lower fees that the big players like eBay themselves. You can sell old items that you no longer use or need, or you can even set yourself up as a professional retailer by making products or buying wholesale and reselling on these platforms.

The two main options are Open Bazaar and Blockmarket.

Creating Media Content

If you have any kind of creative talent, whether it is writing interesting articles, making videos or producing music, then you can definitely make money from your skills and get paid in Bitcoin or other cryptos.

The most popular service of this kind is Steemit, which pays you based on upvotes from other users and generates some pretty impressive earnings if your content is popular. Another interesting option is Yours, which was built by the former chief engineer at Reddit and pays in Bitcoin  Cash.

Collecting Freebies and Rewards

There are loads of places where new users can get crypto freebies or participation rewards for using a new app or service. Its a great way for new businesses to generate interest, and if you go through them all you can earn a worthwhile amount. Check out my recent article on how to get free cryptocurrency for some of the best places to go for this.


There are a growing number of jobs to be found which pay all or part of your salary in Bitcoin or other coins. But if you want to do regular work for crypto then perhaps the most popular way to go about it is to become a freelancer.

There are several places you can go to find this kind of job, with sites like Cryptogrind offering a Fiverr like marketplace where freelancers can post adverts showcasing their skills, usually for smaller ‘gigs’, and sites like XBT Freelancer connecting employers and workers, usually for larger and for custom jobs.

Collecting Bounties

Being a digital bounty hunter doesn’t just sound cool, it can also be very profitable. The practice of paying bounties for anybody who can complete a task comes from software development, where it is used for finding and fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities. But in today’s cryptoverse you don’t need to be a software developer to earn from bounties. For example, a lot of ICOs will have bounties for people who help out with marketing or translation, or even just for registering and following their social media accounts yourself.

You can find a list of current ICO bounties at ICO Drop.

Running Software

Mining bitcoin today is famously hard to get into and even harder to make money from. If you are willing to look past BTC to mine some other coins then it is possible you can earn a little something with software like Miner Gate, especially if you have a high end PC, but you still shouldn’t expect to make much money.

Perhaps more interesting than that would be things like Storj, which lets you rent out unused hard drive space, or upcoming services which plan to let you rent out unused bandwidth, run a node in a decentralized VPN and other cool stuff like that (look out for articles from me when these services launch!)

Faucets and games

If you just want to get a little bit of crypto to stick your toe in the water and see what all the fuss is about then faucets or faucet like games can be a good option. Some of the games can be quite entertaining too, although you won’t get paid as much as you probably would from any of the other options listed here. Take a look at my article on earning bitcoin by playing fun games for more info!

Create a website or app and earn from adverts

If you are capable of creating a website that gets visitors then there are loads of options for earning Bitcoin by placing adverts on your site. I use and on this site, but there are other good options out there too which can be easily found via search engines.

Share Your Knowledge

If you fancy yourself as something of an expert on anything at all then there are definitely some interesting options out there for you. One thing you might want to take a look at is Lunyr, a decentralized encyclopedia project which pays its contributors. Another way to profit from your knowledge it by answering questions on BitForTip.