dogecoin-richEarning cryptocurrency is really no different from earning any other time of money. If you want to earn a lot of it you will have to work hard, perhaps convincing your boss to pay you in Bitcoin or another crypto for your full-time job using something like the BitPay Payroll (, or setting up your own business, or working as a freelancers.

The articles you will find here about how to earn cryptocurrency are mainly aimed at helping you to earn a little bit of extra pocket money in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies rather than a full-time wage. They provide easy and fun ways that anybody can get started in crypto by earning their first coins, or supplement their regular income whilst getting involved with this exciting financial revolution.

And of course – since it is still the early days for this modern form of digital money there is a good chance that anything you earn will go up in value over time if you choose to save it!

One piece of advise before we get to the articles: just like the regular ‘make money online’ offers that have filled the corridors of the internet since it first crawled out of the U.S. military laboratory in which it was born, you will find that the ‘earn cryptocurrency’ niche is often dominated by everything from wildly exaggerated claims to outright scams. Please be careful and remember that anything which looks ‘too good to be true’ almost certainly isn’t true, even in this crazy crypto-land we love so much. Just because Bitcoin is so exciting that it makes anything seem possible, do not suspend your disbelief so much that you waste your time and money making the scammer even more rich than they already are.